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GC Surrogacy Journey

Surrogacy can be a life changing Event. Therefore, you’ll want to take your time and ensure that you are confident with the agency you choose to share this experience with. We recommend that when you are comparing agencies, focus on four criteria:

    1) What guarantee the agency can make 

    2) The supports available to their surrogates 

    3) How professional they are 

    4) How well the agency’s values match with your own values.

If you’re interested in sharing this incredible journey with us, you can contact us directly through phone, email and mail. A member of our team will be there to discuss any question you may have and go through some of the details of our package. After that, you can schedule an appointment with our director, and we will help you decide if Patriot Conceptions is the best choice for you to start building your family.

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Join Patriot Conceptions

After our meeting, hopefully you have decided to join us! You will need to fill out a form in order for us to learn more about your need and your expectations of your surrogacy journey. This information will help us understand why you choose surrogacy so that we can find a good match for you with a potential surrogate.

Plan your journey

Once you’ve decided to join us, we will help you plan your surrogacy journey and we will help you choose a surrogate. Planning the roadmap of your surrogacy journey will take some time, but it’s important that we find the perfect partner for you and make sure that both you are aware of what Patriot Conceptions has to offer. 

Sign the contract

Once we have planned your journey, we will provide you with a clear and concise contract which states our obligations and our guarantees.

If you don’t have your embryos ready from previous cycles, we will assist you through the entire IVF process to make sure that you will have your embryos ready when your surrogate is ready for transfer. If you are using your own eggs, we will be happy to help you coordinate the stimulation process (which can take place locally in most cases). Once the IVF process is completed, you will have a clearer picture of how many viable embryos you have that are ready for transfer.


Finding a donor may not be easy. Patriot Conceptions is here to assist you in choosing your donors. We work closely with several egg/sperm/embryo donation agencies. We are also happy to work with a clinic’s in-house donors, if that’s what you prefer.

Finding an egg/sperm/embryo donor

Finding an IVF clinic

At this stage, we will help you decide on an IVF clinic . Most families choose to begin the IVF process to develop their embryos in parallel with the clinic surrogate matching process. Some may already have their embryos ready for transfer, while others may need to ship their embryos to the clinic they have chosen. In any of these cases, we will go through all the steps with you to ensure a seamless transition.

Once you have matched with a surrogate, we encourage you to communicate freely with her. Every surrogate and family will have their own preferences regarding how much contact they want to have with your family. We will be there to assist you in the first steps of communication to make sure that everyone feels comfortable.

Communicate with your surrogate

Once you have joined us, we will help you find the perfect surrogate. In most cases, this is not a long process (usually from a few days to a few weeks), but can take longer depending on what you’re looking for in a surrogate. The surrogate usually makes the first choice, and you can then decide if you want them as your surrogate. This is to make sure that the surrogate feels comfortable throughout the whole process. We will show you various profiles of surrogates that have chosen you. Once you have decided on the surrogate you wish to match with, we will arrange a meeting so you can meet the surrogate. It is not common that our client meets the surrogate in person at this stage, but it’s 100 percent acceptable. After the meeting, you will have a better idea about if the surrogate is the right one for you. If you’re still unsure, we are here to help you make the decision and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Choose your surrogate


Medical and psychological screening

This is an essential part of every surrogacy journey to make sure the process is safe for you and your future baby. Before a surrogate is accepted, we will have reviewed her medical records. The medical screening after the matching is simply a test to confirm that the surrogate will be ready for the embryo transfer.

Because of the complexity of surrogacy, a safe journey must require a proper medical insurance. We will go through the surrogate’s insurance situation with you before your matching. After matching, an insurance specialist will review her situation in detail to make sure you won’t have any unexpected or unnecessary medical costs.


The contract stage is delicate and should be handled carefully. Both you and your surrogate will have different legal advisors and we will seek to make sure no misunderstandings occur during this stage. Several topics that will be discussed during the matching process will now be formalized, including compensation, insurance, opinion on invasive procedures etc.

Medical treatments

Once all the paperwork is complete, the doctor will put the surrogate on fertility medication to attempt to ensure a successful pregnancy with the first embryo transfer. Our team as well as the clinic’s team will support you through the medical treatment process so that both your surrogate and you feel safe and supported.

Embryo transfer and pregnancy test

The surrogate is ready, the clinic is ready and so are you. This is when the great day takes place. We will support you and make sure the embryo transfer takes place during the best possible conditions. Once transferred, you will have to wait between 10 to 15 days to get a confirmation of pregnancy.

Prepare for delivery

When the delivery date approaches, we will begin ironing out all the details to make sure that both your baby and the surrogate are 100 percent protected and the delivery takes place in a safe and desirable manner. We do our best to accommodate you and your surrogate’s needs through the delivery process, whether it includes a standard delivery in the hospital or alternative options such as home delivery or water delivery. We will also make sure to have an emergency plan in case of preterm or high-risk deliveries.


You and the surrogate will decide whether you, as the intended parents, will be present in the delivery room or if the surrogate will make the final decision. You will have all the medical assistance needed to make this a safe procedure. From the moment the baby is born, all medical decisions will be your sole responsibility.

Most of the jurisdictions we operate in provide pre-birth orders, which will be filled and accepted at around the 24th week of pregnancy. This court order gives full custody of the child to you, the intended parents. You will be legally recognized as the parents before the baby is even born.

Parental court order

Both you and the surrogate will be supported by our team throughout the entire pregnancy. We will be with you to listen, guide and inform you during your pregnancy, as we understand pregnancy can be a long and emotional process for both the surrogate and the parents. All our benefit packages include housekeeping for the third trimester to help keep the pregnancy safe, pleasant and healthy.

Emotional and resource support

Medical follow-up

The pregnancy will be monitored by an IVF local to the surrogate during the first trimester, and then the surrogate will be seen by a local OB of her choosing. We will help arrange all medical appointments and our team will assist you in any medical choices that may arise. If you or your surrogate desire, a doula will come alongside you, who will give you tips and assistance to make the journey safer and more physically pleasant. This doula will be covered by Patriot, so there will be no extra cost for you. She will also address any pregnancy related doubts and guide you in talking to your doctor or midwife.

Child registration

Immediately after delivery we will work in coordination with your attorney to make sure the baby is registered. Every baby born in the U.S. is granted the U.S. nationality and we will assist you in getting a U.S. passport, birth certificate and Social Security Number. We will also coordinate with your local attorney to assist you in registering your baby at your country’s embassy if you are not a U.S. citizen.

Back home

We will help you arrange your trip home, including communicating with the airlines to make sure your baby has a perfect space in the plane, changing flight dates etc. we will also make sure you have all the documents at hand for a safe and legal trip back home.

We will still be there for you for as long as you wish. We will do follow-ups with you from time to time if you’re comfortable with it. You may also wish to continue participation in our growing support community. We will be happy to help you whenever you need and in every way we can.


Once the surrogate’s post delivery bed rest is over, and all the compensation are provided and all reimbursements are completed, we will do an audit for all the financials of the process so you can finish the financial part of your journey. It is important to understand that recovering all the pending bills you have in the U.S. may take a few months, because we audit all medical bills and some bills can take months to arrive.

Bills and compensation review

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