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Independent Surrogacy Journeys

Get matched with a pre-screened surrogate mother and avoid hefty agency fees.

*The total cost of an independent surrogacy journey is between $70,000 ~ $80,000

What is independent surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is a boon for childless families battling infertility and the LGBTQ community where having a biological child is otherwise not possible. However, the towering costs associated with surrogacy are daunting, to say the least. Especially, when hiring the services of a surrogacy consultancy, the agency fee is an additional cost for the logistical support you receive.

No doubt, the role of a surrogacy agency is integral to the surrogacy process in terms of providing a seamless and stress-free experience. However, the hefty price tag that this third party reproduction service comes with gets most people balking.

Independent surrogacy is an alternative pursued by many intended parents. By definition, the independent or private surrogacy journey is one where intended parents enter into a contract with a suitable gestational carrier without the assistance of a surrogacy agency.

Why opt for independent surrogacy?

The primary motive behind seeking independent surrogacy is the obvious lower cost. However, there are multiple other ways intended parents could benefit from the indie surrogacy route:

Piggy Bank

Low cost


The total cost for an independent surrogacy journey is typically between $70,000 ~ $80,000, which is significantly lower than working with an agency.

Patriot Conceptions will offer medical and background screening of your surrogate candidate, to make sure they're ASRM guideline complied.



Independent surrogacy gives the intended parents considerable flexibility in terms of handling the process. Instead of being spoon-fed and dictated, independent surrogacy allows the intended parents a reasonable amount of liberty in many aspects of the process.

Mom with Stroller

Non-commercial surrogacy


You also don't need to hire a surrogacy agency if a close friend or relative has volunteered to be your surrogate out of courtesy or goodwill.

More control and responsibility

The increased control and responsibility that private surrogacy offers is preferred by a lot of intended parents and surrogates alike. Since surrogacy is an extremely important and high-impact decision, this aspect of independent surrogacy gives the parties involved more freedom to navigate the journey as per their unique preferences.


Step 1: Select a surrogate profile that suits your ideal (all surrogate profiles have been pre-screened ASRM compliant)


Step 3: Our client relations team will help you schedule a match interview with the surrogate

Step 2: Create a Patriot Conceptions Intended Parent account through the prompted sign-up window

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Step 4: The beginning of your journey! 

We will provide you with abundant resources to help you with every step along the way


Why us?

Since its founding, Patriot Conceptions has been a firm believer that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood and the happiness of a complete family. Patriot Conceptions screens qualified surrogates based on the “ASRM” guidelines and matches them with the most ideal Intended Parents who share similar beliefs, interests, and expectations. 

Learn more about our story: Our Story

As a professional surrogacy agency, Patriot Conceptions has established a long relationship with the most renowned IVF clinics, doctors, attorneys, psychologists, psychotherapists, and surrogacy professionals.

Taking this experience of the surrogacy world forward, we are now introducing our services tailored to the unique needs of intended parents seeking the option of independent surrogacy. By working with Patriot Conceptions to find the most suitable gestational carrier, you would essentially be only covering the cost of matching with a potential surrogate.

Our knowledge and acumen with regards to third party reproduction is unsurpassed when it comes to liaising with the best, most qualified gestational candidates.Our goal is and has always been to provide exceptional service and care to all our surrogates and intended families.

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