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4 ideas to take a break from your IVF routine & have the best 4th of July

Fertility treatments are exhausting and the hormonal cocktails do not make it any easier. Let's face it, the painful routine of trying to create the most optimum environment for conception inside your body takes its toll on you and in fact, de-stressing is key to increasing the likelihood of a successful IVF cycle. So whether you're preparing for an IVF cycle yourself or counting on your surrogate, here's a few tips to take some stress off for the long weekend ahead and indulge in a fertility free respite.

1. Tumblin' cocktails: Fourth of July Smoothie


When we first came across this smoothie recipe, we instantly fell in love with how the recipe calls for simple ingredients and not exotic leafy greens that have you scouring through your local farmer's market. It's teeming with flavor, nutrition, and everything you need to keep your hormonal imbalances in check. Ovulation is critical in determining a woman's fertility health and ingredients like spinach, banana and flax seeds rich in potassium, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids work together to build a more conducive environment for natural conception. Strawberries and blueberries, full of anti-oxidants help in preventing cell damage, thereby protecting those precious sperm and egg cells that are fundamental to reproduction.

2. Relax and watch the fireworks

Amidst the lockdown, going out for a nice family dinner or hitting the beach isn't really an option for the time being. Don't let it put you down and plan an intimate viewing of some 4th of July fireworks with your partner or immediate family. Trust us, watching the sky light up in a million colors is never a bad idea.

3. Some good ol' BBQ

Since dining out is tricky in 2020, fire up the grill in your backyard and roast your favorite meats. Smoke is not the best thing to inhale while carrying a fetus inside your womb so make the most of your situation and char those burger patties to the fullest.

4. Curl up with a good book

Life, work, family AND trying to have a kid can be a roller-coaster ride for most and it's impossibly challenging to juggle everything together while maintaining your inner peace. Utilize the long weekend to take your mind off of the humdrum routine, and pick up that book you've been wanting to dive into since ages.

We understand that it's tough to unwind when all you can think of is having a healthy, successful pregnancy, whether its your own or your surrogate's, but don't let the stressors make you take self-care for granted. YOU come first and you deserve to take a break.

Happy Fourth of July!


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