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6 tips on keeping your surrogacy journey stress free in the time of COVID-19

Getting pregnant with your first child can be a roller-coaster of emotions. You're overjoyed at the thought of welcoming a new family member, one that will hold the most special place in your heart, yet you can be struck by anxiety and get cold feet at the same time thinking about this massive transition.

For many, conceiving and giving birth to a child comes easily and as per planned, however, there's a vast number of people who are unable to get pregnant naturally and have to resort to assistive reproduction methodologies, such as IVF and surrogacy to grow their family. The stress and pressure of not being able to conceive naturally has been in recent times compounded due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Intended parents who had been planning on starting their IVF journey via surrogacy this year have had their plans interrupted because of the new policies and protocols adopted for non-emergency medical procedures. As we gradually return back to some form of normalcy, it is more important than ever for intended parents to have a stress-free family building journey.

Finding the right surrogacy agency

Some people might find it tempting to forego the costs of hiring a surrogacy agency, and decide to find a surrogate and IVF clinic independently. However, the challenge of finding the right gestational candidate on your own can be painstakingly difficult and fraught with complexities such as background checks, medical screening, mental health evaluation and a range of other considerations. Plus, in the absence of a surrogacy agency, you're also responsible for arranging a reproductive attorney to help you iron out legalities like assigning parentage, pre/post birth orders and multiple other laws unique to each state.

Making sure your chosen GC is the right fit

The start of your gestational surrogacy journey would normally entail meeting and interviewing many different gestational candidates offering to carry your baby for you. However, finding the right fit can get daunting at times especially when you know this person would be responsible for delivering your biological child. You want to make sure that your chosen GC is someone you feel you can form a connection with.

Fostering a strong bond with your GC

Your chosen surrogate will be the protagonist of your surrogacy story. It is crucial that you stay in touch with her at every step of the way and enjoy considerable ease of communication while interacting with her. Many families in fact choose to stay in touch with their surrogate even after completion of the surrogacy process so that the kids can acknowledge their unique family structure as well.

Planning in advance for the arrival of your baby

Being proactive about preparing for your baby's arrival can help you overcome your anxiety and nervousness to some extent as you feel more in control of the situation. This can include getting the nursery ready, stocking up on baby essentials or even just doing a labour & delivery tour of the hospital where your surrogate is scheduled to deliver.

Being a part of all medical visits

Being smart about finances

Lastly, and most importantly, be extremely efficient and wise about weighing your financial options. Since surrogacy is an expensive affair, many people look toward financing their surrogacy through loans or crowdfunding initiatives. If you are financially strapped, research into loan options or other financial assistance alternatives to help make your surrogacy journey more affordable and less financially challenging.


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