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Basics of Egg Donor IVF That You Must Know!

A commonly known fertility treatment option is known as egg donor IVF. People who cannot use their own eggs for some reason usually go for this option. However, thorough screening is required before actually opting for this option. If you decide to avail yourself of this fertility treatment option after proper screening, the donor egg IVF success rates are likely to be higher. The donor egg IVF cost depends largely on the experience of the donor and the age, among several other factors. However, if you are donating for the first time, the cost could start from $8000 or more depending on factors such as the health and experience of the woman. However, experienced women egg donors might even get as much as $100,000 or more.

Female egg donation is promoted immensely because it is a safe IVF treatment option. However, there are many things that you must know before you decide to avail yourself of an egg donation program or decide to donate your own eggs.

Things You Need To Know In Order To Prepare Yourself For IVF With Donor Eggs

When it comes to donating your eggs, the egg donation age is very important. The maximum age for IVF with donor eggs is 44. That said, it is highly recommended that women who are in their late 30s must start the process if they want to increase the chances of IVF success with donor eggs.

Another common question that arises after someone starts with the IVF treatment with donor eggs is when to do the pregnancy test after IVF with donor eggs. Although it is natural that you would like to do an immediate test, it is recommended for you to wait for at least seven days after the transfer of the embryo. Once you pass a week, you can undertake a home test to see if it works. However, home pregnancy tests may sometimes show a false positive or a false negative, so you must also get an in-clinic IVF pregnancy test done.

Who Does The Baby Look Like When A Donor Egg Is Used?

When you use a donor egg, the father of the child is going to be genetically related to the child, so the baby, in such cases, would have some features of the father. However, in case you also avail yourself of the sperm donation option, the baby would not be genetically related to either of the parents. Hence, they would not look like either of them.

In the case of gay couples, one of the intended fathers would be related to the baby genetically, and they would also require a gestational carrier who would be ready to carry out the pregnancy for them and give birth to their child. There are many gay couples who also go for the option of IVF using donor eggs and sperm.

How Is The Egg Donor Selected?

Once the recipient couple accepts the egg donation, the staff has to find a compatible donor in order to start the whole egg donation process. To do this, you will have to search your own database or, if applicable, the egg bank finds an egg donor who meets the following conditions:

● Blood group and Rh factor compatible with the recipient.

● Phenotypic characteristics are similar to the recipient: height, skin color, eye color, hair color, etc.

The donor assignment will always be made looking for the greatest possible similarity with the recipient, and under no circumstances the couple or woman will be able to choose physical characteristics on a whim. Similarly, we always guarantee that the egg donor will remain anonymous.

On the other hand, we also include the genetic compatibility test in the battery of donor tests in order to make a better assignment to the recipient couple. This test consists of doing genetic analysis on the egg donor and on the male partner of the recipient so that it is studied if there is any risk of transmitting any genetic disease to the future child. In the event that the test indicates that both are carriers of the same mutation that could result in disease, the egg donor would be discarded, and we would look for another donor.

What Steps Must Be Followed For Egg Donation?

The first step is decision-making, which is what fundamentally concerns a couple and is often difficult. Once the decision has been made, the couple must look for a trusted center like us where they have no doubt that the professionals look after their health at all times. Once that is achieved, the role of the couple ends as they can now relax and let the professional act. The professionals at Patriot Conceptions follows the following points:

● Select a suitable egg donor for the couple.

●Stimulate the donor's ovaries in order to obtain good-quality oocytes. Quality is prioritized over quantity, and the ideal would be for a donor to give between 10 and 20 oocytes.

●Endometrial preparation of the recipient, which is done with hormonal treatment using pills or patches, the result being assessed by ultrasound controls.

● Puncture of the donor, obtaining the oocytes, and fertilization with the man's semen.

● Embryo transfer to the recipient woman's uterus.


At Patriot Conceptions, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a parent through the process of surrogacy. We offer comprehensive and unique consultant and surrogacy programs to couples or people looking to become a parent. You can undertake your surrogacy or IVF journey with us as we guarantee exceptional care to all families and surrogates. We aim to help individuals who cannot have children of their own become parents with constant surrogate support.


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