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Becoming a Surrogate Without Previous Pregnancy Experience: Is it Possible?

Surrogacy is a beautiful and selfless act. At its core, it's about providing the gift of life to individuals and couples who might not be able to achieve this dream on their own. For many women interested in becoming a surrogate, one of the first questions they ask is - do I need to have been pregnant before?

At Patriot Conceptions, we understand the desire to help build families through surrogacy. However, we always aim to ensure the health and safety of our surrogates first and foremost. Here's an overview of our policies on previous pregnancies and why this experience is so crucial.

The Importance of Previous Pregnancy

While someone may be eager to become a surrogate, having no prior pregnancy experience can pose serious risks. Pregnancy takes an immense physical toll on the body - and if you've never experienced it, you won't fully understand the effects. From morning sickness and swelling to labor and delivery, it is essential to know how your body responds to pregnancy before committing to carry for intended parents.

In addition, pregnancy involves major emotional and hormonal changes. Surrogates must be prepared for attachment and bonding that can occur with the baby despite not being genetically related. If you've never had a child, you may not anticipate these complex emotions.

Overall, a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery require an awareness of your body's capabilities. At Patriot Conceptions, we believe it is unfair to put a first-time surrogate's physical and mental health at risk. We want to ensure you are fully ready for all aspects of the journey.

Surrogacy Laws and Previous Pregnancies

Many states and surrogacy professionals follow guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Their recommendations include requiring at least one previous pregnancy and birth before becoming a surrogate. Some states have even codified this into law.

Requiring prior pregnancies protects all parties involved, especially when it comes to insurance coverage. It minimizes risk and helps provide intended parents with some guarantee their surrogate has proven her ability to carry to term.

At Patriot Conceptions, while we do not legally require previous successful pregnancies, we strongly encourage and prefer surrogates to have this experience. It shows you understand the commitment and what your body will undergo during the months ahead.

The Exception, Not the Norm

You may read stories online about women becoming surrogates with no previous pregnancies. However, these are the exception, not the norm for most reputable agencies. While someone may get approved as a first-time surrogate, it does not come without significant risks to her and the intended parents.

Why Surrogacy Agencies Uphold These Requirements

Safety First:

The primary concern is always the safety and well-being of the surrogate, the baby, and the intended parents. Risks are inherent in every pregnancy, but without prior experience, some risks can be amplified.

Setting Expectations:

Prior experience sets clear expectations. A woman who’s been pregnant before understands the journey she's embarking on. This clarity is essential in ensuring a smoother surrogacy process for all parties involved.

Gestational Carriers: The Role and Its Challenges

A gestational carrier, or surrogate, is a woman who carries a child to term for intended parents. This child isn't biologically related to her. The role of a surrogate mother is demanding, both physically and emotionally, which is why surrogacy agencies like ours have strict surrogacy requirements.

Physical Challenges:

If you’ve never been pregnant, you might not fully grasp the spectrum of physical experiences and potential complications linked with pregnancy. While every pregnancy is unique, having undergone the process before equips a woman with invaluable firsthand knowledge. This understanding is not just beneficial for her, but also provides a sense of assurance to the intended parents that their surrogate is familiar with the pregnancy journey.

Emotional Resilience:

Beyond the physical, pregnancy is a profound emotional experience. The hormonal fluctuations, coupled with the impending responsibility of carrying a child for another, can be emotionally taxing. Women who've been through pregnancy before are often better equipped to navigate these emotional waters, especially when the time comes to part with the baby post-birth.

Final Thoughts: The Path Forward for Aspiring Surrogates

For those who wish to become a surrogate, it's essential to understand that the journey, while incredibly rewarding, is also complex. Previous pregnancy experience is not just a checkbox on a list of requirements but a foundational element to ensure a safe and positive surrogacy experience.

If you're moved by the idea of surrogacy and have had your own children before, agencies like Patriot Conceptions can guide you on this fulfilling journey. Contact us today at (888)807-1126 to schedule a phone consultation and start your surrogacy journey.


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