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Bumpy Road to parenthood for Lance Bass and Husband Michael Turchin

After experiencing a tragic miscarriage in the fall of 2019, Lance Bass of the iconic 90's pop band *NSYNC and husband Michael Turchin have another heartbreaking update for their fans: the couple have confirmed that they've lost their surrogate of over two years owing to the extraordinary circumstances created by the pandemic.

"And so now begins the process of finding a replacement surrogate which is hard during COVID because a lot of surrogates really don't want to get pregnant during a time like this," Bass reveals in an interview with Too Fab.

The news comes as a shocker for fans who had been keenly following the duo's bumpy ride to parenthood. When the couple's surrogate fell pregnant last year, it was their 9th round of IVF.

The former singing sensation shares that they're relieved though to have found a new egg donor and that their embryos are ready to go but they now have to start the search for gestational carrier for their babies.

"We're two and a half years in and we keep running into a lot of different hiccups," Bass confesses

Talking to Entertainment Tonight earlier this year, Bass mentioned that they lost the babies at their 8th week. He admitted that their journey up till now had been fairly difficult, with the miscarriage of course being the toughest however, they were not disheartened by the hiccups.

Talking about their loss from last year, Lance recalled trying to be as realistic and levelheaded as possible throughout the process.

"You try to trick yourself into not getting excited because you know anything can happen at any time, especially in those first few weeks when there's a huge possibility that the (embryos) won't stick. You keep telling yourself that and trying not to get your hopes up, but you're always going to have those thoughts in the back of your brain where you're already planning out their lives. Especially once you know the sex — you can't help but fast-forward over their entire lives and imagine (what) they're going to be like, who they might marry, and all kinds of stuff."

While Lance's portrayal of a prospective parent's thoughts and emotions during pregnancy is heart-wrenching yet spot-on, the duo is still hopeful about their 10th IVF attempt. However, they are not ruling out the possibility of adoption as yet incase their 10th attempt does not work out.

"Nine did not work, so now we’re onto 10 and hopefully the next time will work,” he said. “I'm trying not to worry about it. Of course, in a perfect world I would love to have my own kids. But if it’s not meant in the cards, then it’s not meant in the cards and there are plenty of kids who need adopting. So, I’m not opposed to going right ahead and adopting if this fails next time.”

While Bass and Turchin's high spirits and positive attitude are undoubtedly inspirational, we hope this adorable dad duo is able to have a normal, healthy pregnancy this time as they embark on the quest to find a new carrier.


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