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Exclusive tête-à-tête with Blair and Ali from Fertility Rally

Fertility Rally is an all-inclusive community, created for everyone who is going through infertility, has gone through infertility, has questions about fertility in general, or who is building their modern families in a “non-traditional” way.

Fertility Rally was the combined brain child of Blair and Ali who have their own respective podcasts, Fab Fertility and InfertileAF as well.

What started off as a one-time event (Fertility Rally in Brooklyn, October 2020), has turned into a membership platform, amassing thousands of devoted followers. Sure, there are other places where you can find educational information or support groups. But Fertility Rally aims to be the go-to place for everything you need on your fertility journey and beyond, from answering your basic treatment questions to hosting fun Happy Hours with special guests from the community (and everything in between).

We were lucky enough to catch a couple of minutes with the amazing women behind Fertility Rally to share glimpses of their journey with us.

Q. What's the story behind fertility rally? Did it get impetus from an event in your personal life? What drove you to build this platform?

BA: Fertility Rally is a result of a friendship the two of us built via Instagram and after being guests on each others' respective podcasts, Infertile AF (Ali's) and Fab Fertility (Blair's) back in 2019. Our personalities immediately clicked, we stayed in touch, and quickly realized our joint goal and passion of serving, supporting and educating the infertility community. We have a continual burning desire to blast stigmas and amplify voices in whatever ways we can. During one of our regular, late night text exchanges, we both expressed the desire to host an event celebrating the infertility community in our respective cities. We quickly realized two heads were better than one, committed to teaming up so we could dream big, and came up with the name Fertility Rally - - all in one conversation! That is a testament to how we do things; identify a need and act quickly! Infertility doesn't wait for anyone. Fertility Rally says everything we want to say about our brand. Rally not only means coming together for a common cause but also hints at enthusiasm, which we are all about. What started as an "in-person" event platform quickly pivoted with the onset of the pandemic. We moved our big bash to a virtual platform and also realized our community's need for support now more than ever. For that reason, we decided to launch a membership platform to offer 24/7 support. Our membership is offered either monthly or annually. Members have access to 8 monthly support groups (4 infertility groups and 4 pregnancy after infertility groups), 1-2 curated monthly niche virtual events such as "Genetic Testing Breakthroughs", our extensive blog, bonus podcast episodes co-hosted by the two of us, video library, past events on demand, exclusive discount on fertility-related products and services, merchandise, access to our private Facebook groups and so much more!

Q. How do your sister brands InfertileAF and FabFertility differentiate from Fertility Rally?

BA: Infertile AF is Ali's podcast with a corresponding Instagram account, dedicated to telling the stories of women and men building their modern families. Ali is dedicated to telling diverse stories to shed light on all paths to parenthood including donor conception, same sex couples, surrogacy, and more. Fab Fertility is Blair's Instagram account that details her infertility and now pregnancy journey that has expanded into a podcast, brand and blog. The Fab Fertility podcast is a mix of interviews with doctors and other experts in the field and personal accounts from other warriors. The blog offers advice and lessons learned on infertility and pregnancy from Blair's first-hand experience. Our two personal brands provide amazing synergy with Fertility Rally. Many of our guests featured at Rally events are women and men we met podcasting and through the community through our respective platforms. We view all three brands as one big happy family!

Q: How have you been coping with COVID to keep the fertility rally spirit alive in the absence of live events?

BA: As we mentioned in the first question, COVID forced us into a pivot that we feel was not only for best, but has allowed us to reach more people than we originally envisioned. Having our events on a virtual platform makes us accessible to anyone around the globe. Same with our membership. Being an online business makes the possibilities and reach endless! We have built our Rally family in this pandemic. We see our members more than we see our friends, and that has allowed us to build an extremely strong bond that we cherish deeply.

Q. How do you plan on scaling this platform? Can we expect to see any new ventures?

BA: We will never stop dreaming about new possibilities for our platform! Since launching our membership, we have added so many features and tweaked so many offerings to grow with our existing members and to scale. For example, many of our members were becoming pregnant and moving into the next phase of their journey. As a result, we began offering support for them as well in the form of their own support groups and private Facebook group. In 2020, we hosted one virtual Fertility Rally LIVE. In 2021, we will host two! We have also started working on strategically aligning ourselves with other brands in the infertility space to spread the word about our brand and broaden our reach. We are also thinking of introducing courses in 2021 - - an idea still in its infancy!

Q. What key lessons have you learned over the course of running Fertility Rally as a support hub for the #ttc community? BA: We have learned the importance of listening to feedback and adapting. We don't always get it right the first time and that is ok. We have also learned the community's needs are ever-evolving. Listening is the most important piece to our success.

Q. What message do you have for our followers from the #ttc community?

BA: You are not alone! Our brand tagline is, "Worst Club. Best Members." If you find yourself in this community, you likely didn't imagine yourself being here. You may even resent it. Experiencing infertility is one of the hardest obstacles you'll face in your life that no doubt will have a lasting effect. That is why we call it the "Worst Club." With that said, once in this community you will find yourself amongst the most empathetic and brave women and men you've ever met. That is why we say this club has the "Best Members." Our goal is to create the space we dreamt of having while on our own journeys. Our goal is for you to step into a safe space where you will find endless support, answers and guidance, and lifelong friends. #rallylifeamofo

Thank you so much for joining us, Blair and Ali! Your spirit and energy is truly inspiring and we wish you all the best in helping and supporting the #TTC community. Happy Rallying!


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