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How Long is the Surrogacy Process for Surrogates?

Navigating the path to parenthood can often bring numerous questions, one of the most common being the duration of the surrogacy journey. As eager future parents anticipate the arrival of their newborn, understanding the timeline of surrogacy becomes crucial. Here we delineate the surrogacy timeline at Patriot Conceptions, detailing each phase from the initial application to the joyful moment of welcoming your baby into the world. The entire process typically spans between 15 to 18 months. Let's dive deeper into each step of this remarkable journey.

Step 1: Initiating Your Surrogacy Journey - Application Process

Duration: Variable

The initiation of your surrogacy journey begins with the application process, where you would fill out an initial intake form. This crucial step lays the foundation for the journey ahead, allowing our consultants to understand your specific needs and preferences. Following the form submission, a phone consultation with a consultant will be arranged to further discuss your requirements in detail and address any queries you might have. Post this consultation, a preliminary screening by the agency will take place to ensure that all necessary criteria are met. Once everything is in place, we embark on finding the perfect match for you, connecting you with intended parents who share a similar outlook and expectations.

If you are interested in understanding the surrogate application process in more detail, please visit our Surrogate Application page.

Step 2: Ensuring a Perfect Match - Screening Process

Duration: 4-6 Weeks

Following the application process, the screening phase commences, typically spanning 4-6 weeks. During this period, we prepare a profile that vividly portrays your journey and expectations, which is then sent out to potential matches. This process involves interactions through platforms like Skype or WeChat, where you get to meet the intended parents. These interactions help in building a rapport and understanding each other better.

Upon finding a suitable match, a confirmation is received and your medical records are then approved by the IVF facility, solidifying the match and paving the way for the next step in the surrogacy journey. For a comprehensive understanding of the surrogate requirements and the screening process, we invite you to visit our Surrogate Requirements page.

Step 3: Embarking on a Medical Journey - Transfer Preparation

Duration: 3-4 Weeks

As we progress to the third step, the transfer preparation phase begins, generally lasting 3 to 4 weeks. During this time, an embryo transfer date is established and a calendar outlining the schedule for necessary medications and injections is provided to ensure a smooth transition to the subsequent stages. Your commitment to attending all IVF medical appointments is highly appreciated as it is pivotal in keeping the process on track.

Step 4: The Beginning of New Life - FET Procedure

Duration: 10-12 Weeks

This step is where the magical process of life beginning unfolds, generally taking 10-12 weeks. It involves the FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) procedure where the embryo is implanted. Post transfer, a confirmation of pregnancy is awaited with bated breath, following which a monitoring process for TEN weeks ensues to ensure the healthy progression of pregnancy. Celebrations begin with the joyous news of pregnancy confirmation, marking your graduation from the IVF facility.

Step 5: The Final Lap - Pregnancy & Delivery

Duration: 36-40 Weeks

The final step of this beautiful journey, lasting between 36 and 40 weeks, is the period of pregnancy and delivery. This stage involves regular OBGYN check-ups to monitor the health of both the surrogate and the growing baby. Meanwhile, the intended parents establish parental rights, ensuring a legal and secure environment for the child’s arrival. Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for arrives, as you deliver the baby for the intended parents. This moment marks the culmination of a journey filled with anticipation, emotions, and the beginning of a new chapter of joy and happiness for the parents.

By choosing Patriot Conceptions, you are not just stepping into a process but embarking on a journey filled with support, care, and the shared joy of bringing new life into the world. Our team is dedicated to making this journey as smooth and joyful as possible, standing by you at every step of the way.

Welcome to the Patriot Conceptions family, where dreams of parenthood become reality.


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