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How to Be a Surrogate Mother's Supportive Partner

Surrogacy is a fantastic gift of love, but it's not the easiest path. You'll need someone to help you because the process will change you in ways you can't even imagine.

Being a supportive partner to a surrogate can be a rewarding experience for you and

your surrogate. There are some tips on how to be the best support system possible:

Communicate with Your Surrogate

Both you and your surrogate must be on the same page and have an open line of communication. You must be able to discuss many elements of her pregnancy, from her health to her feelings about being pregnant. It's also essential that you agree on her diet and activities during pregnancy.

Be Open-Minded About Anything That Happens in Pregnancy

The more open-minded you are during pregnancy, the better it will be for everyone involved. If something happens that you don't expect or aren't comfortable with, try not to overreact. For example, if your surrogate has morning sickness but doesn't want to take any medications because they might harm the baby, don't push her into taking them just because it may make you feel better. Instead, help her find other ways to deal with morning sickness; instead of three large meals, eat modest meals throughout the day.

Be Supportive When Things Get Tough

Being a surrogate mother necessitates a great deal of bravery. Handing over the ability to bring life into this world is something most women dream of but don't expect. Your surrogacy journey can be completely overwhelming, and that is okay. You're not alone. Remember this when things get tough, as they will at some point, because no journey is ever easy. Those who enter into surrogacy are strong-willed and courageous individuals who aren't afraid to do what others will not. It can include being a supportive partner during your trials and tribulations and helping you get through those times when you feel like giving up.

Be a source of encouragement.

Being a supportive partner to a surrogate is not easy, but it's possible. Surrogates should never be treated as mere objects that produce babies. They are human beings, too, undergoing significant stress and discomfort to help the intended parents achieve their dream of parenthood. The last thing adolescents need is criticism or praise from their intended parents.

Don't get jealous of the baby.

Surrogacy is all about the intended parents getting their family. It's understandable if you feel envious of this new baby entering their lives. It can be difficult if you have an innate feeling of jealousy towards the baby, which is typical for surrogate partners. However, it would help to practise selflessness to be a successful surrogate partner.


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