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"I Always Wanted Kids, I Didn’t Realize How Hard It’d Be to Have Them" - Michelle Buteau

The American comedian and acclaimed movie star, Michelle Buteau recently opened up about her surrogacy journey in a tell-all personal essay for Glamour.

Citing her husband's relentless support and encouragement throughout their ordeal, Buteau, 43, recalls her husband, Gijs van der Most encouraging her to give surrogacy another shot.

The Always Be My Maybe star had had a tainted experience with conceiving naturally in the past. 4 miscarriages and 5 failed rounds of IVF later, she felt exhausted and physically wrecked.

"I wanted so much to be pregnant that it took over me like a bridezilla for the uterus."

Suffering from a condition called, Prolactioma, that is potentially a cause for infertility, Michelle finally resorted to surrogacy with her mother stepping up to help the couple shoulder the financial burden.

The embryos did not stick and they were awash with the grief of another miscarriage.

Not losing hope, Buteau decided to give surrogacy another shot, while filming for her Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe in Vancouver. Ironically, in the movie Buteau plays a pregnant person coinciding with her own struggles with infertility.

Fortunately for the couple, this time the embryos implanted resulting in a successful pregnancy.

9 months later, Michelle and Most were blessed with a pair of healthy twins, a boy and a girl, named Ortis and Hazel.

Recalling the moment where she finally met her babies as "wild, insane and over the top" the Survival of The Thickest author explains how motherhood is fast and furious yet something that's helped her slow down and savor every moment of it. From experiencing the joy of looking at your babies taste their newest baby food to helping them learn how to crawl, The First Wives Club star reveals how indebted she is to her surrogate for helping her bring her babies into this world.

I text [my surrogate] all the time, [with] pictures. And I'm just like, 'Thank you so much.'

While acknowledging the fact that she never thought surrogacy would be on the cards for her, the Welcome to beautopia star recognizes how beautiful it was to even have that option.

"I didn't know anyone that did it," Buteau says. "I didn't have anyone to talk to about it. I just researched. I found an agency through my doctor where these women are just walking angels on Earth who find helping someone make their dreams come true the best thing ever."

Surrogacy is indeed an unparalleled act of kindness and compassion that takes a whole different level of courage and commitment to pursue. At patriot conceptions, we are truly blessed and thankful to work with some of the most amazing, kind-hearted surrogates willing to make this life-changing decision for the greater good of helping people complete their family.


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