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It's ballot before babies for these brave women!

Every election year brings along interesting stories with it and this one is no exception. A pregnant woman in Orlando, Florida was found at the polling station right before going into labor as she insisted on voting before leaving for the hospital, according to a poll worker.

The law-abiding citizen stayed inside her car all along as her husband rushed inside the Orange Country Supervisor of Elections Office to get her mail-in ballot.

Karen Gonzalez, a staff member at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Orange County, Florida, said that a man who had been waiting for quite some time in the queue, walked up to her at around 2:30pm and handed her 2 drivers' licenses.

Gonzalez told him that she only needed his license to issue him the mail-in ballot. The man however told her that he had casted his vote already and that the second driver's license belonged to his pregnant wife who's due to give birth any minute now and hence unable to join the line.

Gonzalez, a mother herself, said she was then prompted to go to the car to hand out the mail-in ballot herself to this remarkable young woman and also reminded her to mail it in by November 3rd. The woman however refused and said: "No, no, no, I need to fill it out right now!"

Neither Gonzalez nor the pregnant woman's husband were able to figure out why the woman decided to show up in person a week before the election day to cast her mail-in ballot. The only plausible explanation could be that she wanted to vote in person at some point but given the uncertainty of her situation decided to make the most of the time she had and perform her rightful duties as a true American citizen.

In another interesting story coming from South Carolina,, a 9 month pregnant woman, Laurie Sojourner, decided to stand in a massive 3-hour line to perform her civic duty of voting.

Unfortunately for Laurie, The South Strand Recreation Center voting line reached an all-time length on Friday morning.

"I had decided against voting earlier in the week due to the long lines." Soujourner remarked laughing at the irony.

Friday was in fact her due date but after exhausting all the classic attempts to induce labor, Laurie decided to just forget about it and went ahead to vote.

When asked if she was interested in naming the baby after any of the two Presidential candidates, she revealed that the baby had already been named Avram.

Needless to say, after witnessing such vigor and zeal to vote, the bystanders jokingly mentioned that they had no right to complain about the tedious wait anymore.


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