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March is Surrogacy Awareness Month

To commend and mark the extraordinary journey that surrogacy is, Extraordinary Conceptions, a San Diego based international surrogacy agency, launched the global campaign, "Surrogacy Awareness Month" in March of 2015. And ever since, March has been globally recognized as a month honoring the impactful journey carried out by surrogates, intended parents and egg donors, along with also acknowledging the profound work done by all the other dedicated professionals such as, family and reproductive attorneys, surrogacy agencies, fertility clinics, mental health professionals, all of whom are such an incredibly important part of the process.

The campaign also launched a blue and green hued lapel pin with a small heart at one tip, representing the love and compassion that goes into building a family.

Courtesy: Extraordinary Conceptions

The aim of "Surrogacy Awareness Month" goes beyond just marking a day for the sake of it. Surrogacy and assisted reproductive techniques have long been a non-mainstream topic, something people would normally shy away from discussing openly. The purpose of this campaign is to normalize the conversation around this topic of utmost importance, especially now with the ever increasing number of families choosing this alternate option of building a family.

Simultaneously, this important campaign also gives credit to the compassionate, selfless service provided by gestational carriers by carrying a surrogate baby for 9 months just like their own. It's indeed one of the kindest, most noble gestures to give birth to a child for another family. It's important to commemorate the sacrifices made by surrogates world over in order to make sure their hard work is not downplayed by the benefits provided for their service. In all honest, the monetary compensation is just a very small token for the invaluable gift they bring into a childless couple's life.

With the global celebration of the Surrogacy Awareness Month, let's all vow to keep educating our friends, family and peers about surrogacy and engage in dialogue around this subject so that infertile families (or same sex couples) yearning for a child are well informed about the variety of options available to them today.


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