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Surrogacy 101: Medical and Health Requirements to Become a Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate mother with Patriot Conceptions is a big decision that requires careful consideration of the medical criteria. As a leading surrogacy agency, Patriot Conceptions has strict health and wellness standards in place to protect the safety of both the surrogate and the baby throughout the journey.

While requirements may vary slightly between agencies, there are common medical qualifications potential Patriot Conceptions surrogates must meet. These help ensure you are physically able to healthily sustain a pregnancy achieved through IVF.

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a surrogate with Patriot Conceptions, review their typical medical requirements first to see if you may qualify. Understanding Patriot Conceptions' rules and standards at the start will prepare you for what’s ahead on the path to surrogacy through their agency.

What are the surrogate qualifications at Patriot Conceptions?

We have a few key requirements we evaluate when reviewing potential surrogates. The main criteria include:

  • Having given birth to at least one child previously

  • Being between 21 and 38 years old

  • Having a BMI under 35, preferably lower than 30

  • Experiencing uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries in the past

  • Being a non-smoker

  • Demonstrating stable mental health without severe anxiety or depression

You'll also complete medical screening with a fertility doctor to confirm you can healthily sustain a pregnancy. We examine all records from earlier pregnancies to guarantee they were problem-free. Please disclose any preterm labor or miscarriages when applying to become a surrogate.

Is surrogacy possible if I haven't been pregnant before?

No, unfortunately having one successful pregnancy is mandatory according to guidelines from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine that we follow strictly. This is a prerequisite at any reputable surrogacy agency or fertility clinic.

I've had healthy pregnancies - why such strict criteria?

IVF pregnancies are more complex than natural conception. The process requires precise medical timing for successful embryo implantation and growth. We follow industry standards closely to optimize the chances of success.

What health problems might disqualify you from surrogacy?

We thoroughly evaluate medical and pregnancy history to ensure a safe surrogacy experience for you and the future child. We look at cardiovascular, reproductive, endocrine health and more when deciding eligibility. Specific disqualifying conditions vary between agencies and clinics - consult your physician regarding your unique situation.

However, health problems like HIV, extreme preeclampsia, ablation surgery, severe PCOS or endometriosis may prevent you from becoming a surrogate mother. That's not a complete list - please inquire if you have any questions.

Can you be a surrogate if diagnosed with HPV?

Yes, with extra documentation provided. In most situations, HPV does not affect baby development, though active genital warts might necessitate C-section delivery.

Is surrogacy allowed with high blood pressure?

Generally no. Hypertension raises risks of complications like preeclampsia and low birth weight. Close monitoring and management are required.

Can you be a surrogate if fallopian tubes are tied?

Yes, we provide gestational surrogacy using the intended parent's or donor's eggs. Tying tubes prevents your own ovulation but doesn't affect embryo implantation.

Can you become a surrogate after a C-section delivery?

Yes, if past C-sections were uncomplicated. Discuss with your physician to understand impact on potential surrogacy.

Is surrogacy possible after menopause starts?

No, our age cap is typically under 38 and menopause usually happens later than that. Pregnancy after menopause is highly difficult and risky.

Are unvaccinated surrogate applicants accepted?

We welcome diverse perspectives and beliefs. During screening we'll have an open discussion about your vaccination views and collaborate on next steps.

Patriot Conceptions establish strict medical criteria to optimize successful journeys. The surrogate's and baby's health are our top focus. Please ask us if you have any questions!

And - have you enjoyed a healthy pregnancy before? Do you know someone struggling with infertility who needs help building their family? Consider the gift of surrogacy. Reach out to learn more about fulfilling someone's dream of having a baby!


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