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Surrogate Stories: Why Maria chose to become a surrogate

Surrogacy is a life-changing decision. It does not come to you as an epiphany, it's a commitment that you vow to uphold for not just the entirety of the 9 months but also the time period leading up to it and beyond birth.

When a woman sets her mind on building a family for someone who does not have a shot at creating one of their own, she goes through countless considerations and concerns, both emotional and physical. Impregnating yourself with a child who is not biologically yours is complicated yet immensely noble.

We at Patriot Conceptions have the good fortune of meeting such incredible women everyday. So when we sat down with Maria Peralta, we knew we were in the company of a formidable, strong-willed woman. What we did not know was that this was Maria's first time being a gestational carrier and she had chosen to carry the child for a same sex couple. So, we had a chat with Maria to find out more about her motivation behind pursuing surrogacy.

What motivated you to opt for surrogacy?

My biggest motivation to take the big leap were my own kids and the love and warmth they bring me everyday. Being a mother I truly understand what you're missing out on if you take that out of the equation. My kids are a source of immeasurable joy in my life and I feel absolutely honored to be able to give that gift to someone else longing for a family.

You will be carrying the child for a same-sex couple. What does that feel like?

To be honest, it wasn't challenging for me to make that decision. Once I had decided on surrogating, gender preferences were a non-issue. I have spoken to both the Intended Parents and I believe I couldn't have found a better set of more deserving two women trying to start a family together.

What were some of your considerations or apprehensions before taking this step?

I have a very supportive family. So right from the get-go I knew I won't be facing a lot of criticism or unwarranted questioning, but I was still concerned how my kids would react, what their thought process would be like. When I confided in them, much to my surprise they were more than welcoming to the idea. They were absolutely thrilled for me to be participating in such a noble cause.

My daughter said to me, "You go Mommy! I'm so proud of you to be doing this for someone so deserving."

Once I had my family's approval and blessings, I felt even more confident and convinced about my decision.

How has your experience been like with Patriot Conceptions?

Given that this was my first time surrogating, I was taken under the wing by Patriot Conceptions and never for once did I feel lost or confused about anything. The incredible team at Patriot Conceptions made the process so much simpler and organic that I instantly knew I was in good hands.

What kind of communication do you wish to have with the Intended Parents?

I feel that I want to carve a bond with the Intended Parents in a way that they feel as much a part of this journey as I do. I know it's physically not possible but I would love to share with them every small development along the way so that they feel equally involved in the pregnancy.

We wish Maria a healthy and blessed pregnancy and hope the Intended Parents are able to cherish the joy of their child soon.


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