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Top 5 Reasons Intended Parents Choose Surrogacy

Nothing makes a family happier than the addition of a child. Many people believe that having children makes a house become a home. It can be upsetting when physical difficulties or way of life make pregnancy impossible.

These difficulties used to seem impossible. The only choice was adoption, which has its own set of challenges. To build the family you want today, there are several options. In particular, gestational surrogacy is becoming more and more prevalent, particularly in the United States.

According to one study, there were significantly more gestational carrier cycles between 1999 and 2013, going from 727 to 3,432. During that time, gestational surrogacy resulted in the birth of more than 18,400 children, and the number is still rising.

Several intended parents choose gestational surrogacy to complete their families for the following reasons:

Single Parents

Whether or not they decide to share the experience with a partner, gestational surrogacy gives people the chance to have a kid with a genetic tie and be there for critical pregnancy milestones.


It is startlingly frequent to be unable to conceive or maintain a pregnancy. Whether a result of a physical condition with one partner or a combination of concerns affecting both, this issue affects between 12% and 13% of couples. Even the best medical intervention doesn't always produce results, and the cost and heartache of infertility treatments are beyond description.

The intended parents have a choice that keeps their biological link to their child intact: gestational surrogacy. Even better, it eliminates maternal age from the picture so that women can have children without being constrained by a biological clock.

Same-Sex Couples

Gestational surrogacy can help same-sex couples realise their ambitions of expanding their families through motherhood. Using donated eggs and sperm throughout this process ensures that the surrogate mother and the kid have no genetic ties. Gestational surrogacy gave the actor Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka the chance to become parents of twins.

Medical Issues

Numerous medical disorders make pregnancy and childbirth dangerous for women. Pregnancy difficulties, heart disease, severe diabetes, or a history of cancer are common examples.

Without the health concerns associated with the strain of bringing a child to term, gestational surrogacy enables intended moms to conceive a child using their eggs.

Lifestyle Factors

Pregnancy is not the only route to becoming a parent; women may choose different routes for various personal reasons. When pregnancy is too difficult due to social or lifestyle issues, gestational surrogacy allows a couple to have a child.

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