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Top 7 Fertility Boosting Tips and Ideas

For anyone who's been trying to get pregnant for some time now, know that we understand how frustrating it can get. Also know that we realize you might think like you have tried every trick in the book but to no avail.

Fertility can get tricky for those struggling to conceive. There's no single hard and fast rule to successfully getting pregnant which is why it's confusing at times to see how getting pregnant is a breeze for some while being extremely difficult for others.

As such, there are a few natural tried and tested techniques and methods that fertility gurus swear by. There's no guarantee that you'll fall pregnant as soon as you start following these however, by adopting these tips you have a fair chance of increasing your odds.

  1. Pine bark for fertility Pine bark, available in the form of pine bark extract by Pycnogenol® is known to be a powerful antioxidant that has a positive effect on both male and female fertility. This potent natural remedy significantly reduces the symptoms of endometriosis in women by up to 33%. In males, pine bark extract has shown to dramatically improve sperm quality and function.

  2. DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acids Commonly known as fish-oil, DHA Omega 3 is not only beneficial during pregnancy, but its consumption has been proven to greatly support the fertility process as well.

  3. Melatonin With recent studies and research, it is evident that oxidative stress has tremendous negative effects on fertility. Oxidative stress is a condition marked by an imbalance between the free radicals and antioxidants produced in your body, Melatonin has shown to have excellent oxygen scavenging properties due to which it can effectively work to reduce oxidative stress thereby positively impacting your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

  4. Myofascial Release Therapy Did you know that myofascial release therapy targeting the connective tissue, fascia, inside our body can actually help fertility? When the body is functioning in its optimal state, the fascia is flexible enough however, as a result of any kind of inflammation or tissue scarring, the fascia can tighten up inhibiting overall movement and peak functioning of some of our body systems, including the reproductive system.

  5. Castor Oil This superstar oil does not only increase the volume and length of your mane but can also work wonders for conception by detoxifying your reproductive organs and tonifying your blood cells.

  6. Flaxseed Flaxseed has been continuously hailed as a superfood and for good reason. Flaxseed, taken in any form, oil, seeds, or extract, helps in increasing wet cervical fluids and regulating hormones including progesterone.

  7. Probiotics Probiotics can play a critical role in boosting fertility by maintaining the gut and vaginal microbiomes at healthy levels. Te bacteria in the gut play a vital role in hormone balance. Since studies have shown how damaging hormonal imbalance can be for conception, a simple probiotic supplement seems like a fairly strong contender to be added to your fertility regimen.


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