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What are the challenges faced by surrogate mothers?

Surrogacy is seen as a truly rewarding experience but comes with certain challenges as well. Some of the many positive things that come with surrogacy include the happiness and the feeling of contentment that one gets by helping someone expand their family. Moreover, it also makes them a part of the surrogacy community which is loaded with strong women who care about each other. One might wonder how much money do surrogate mothers get paid. Though that depends on many factors, the entire surrogacy process does help surrogate mothers get good compensation, so that they are able to achieve some or all of their financial goals. Furthermore, one gets to experience one of the most fulfilling things i.e. pregnancy, even if they have already had the experience with their own children.

These are some of the positive things associated with surrogacy. However, if you wish to fill out a surrogate application, you must also be aware of the challenges faced by surrogate mothers.

Let us check out some of the many challenges and side effects of surrogacy!

Are There Side Effects & Challenges Of Surrogacy?

As mentioned above, surrogacy is a fulfilling experience but it also comes with a set of physical and emotional challenges. Moreover, it takes time because you need to go through the entire process and many things change over a period of nine months. Apart from that, every surrogacy involves some normal risks that are associated with any pregnancy. So, you must keep that aspect in mind as well. Also, there are many people in society who have an extremely negative image and perception of surrogacy. So, you must keep that in mind and have a plan to deal with them. Furthermore, there exists a lot of myths about surrogacy in society, such as, are surrogate mothers legal or not. So you must be aware of all the myths to make your journey hassle-free.

It is true that all kinds of pregnancies are different but there are some common side effects that every pregnancy has such as weight gain, back pain, swelling, heartburn, nausea, etc. Some other pregnancies might have other rare complications such as hypertension, gestational diabetes, or other related complications. Apart from that, if you are going through an IVF treatment, there can be some side effects of fertility drugs that might include allergic reactions, pain while taking injection shots, bruising on the place of the injection, and much more. Furthermore, if a surrogate mother is carrying multiples, then the associated risks are much higher. It might also include mild bleeding or cramping. However, most of these problems can be treated with pregnancy-friendly antibiotics.

That said, when you consider surrogacy with an experienced and renowned organization like Patriot Conceptions, there are specialists who closely work with you and monitor your health throughout the pregnancy. We make sure that you and the baby are doing well. You must read the surrogacy contract carefully and be aware of all the associated risks before you get into it. This will ensure that you are completely prepared before diving into this emotionally intensive experience.

What Makes Surrogacy So Controversial?

Surrogacy generates controversy because, on the one hand, it is evident that it is a method that lends itself to the exploitation of all kinds of women in countries where the application of their rights is very lax, and their economic and social situation is conducive to the exploitation of their sexual organs by mafia gangs. But on the other hand, there are those who consider that there are cases in which altruistic motivations exist and these are frustrated by the lack of legislation. However, those opposed to surrogacy believe that these altruistic motivations often hide a commercial desire that is not included in the contracts and that is satisfied underhand. Finally, a third group believes that the lack of legislative regulation with the fully legal commercial option precisely favors the existence of mafia groups that exploit vulnerable female groups. They allege that as soon as surrogacy is legalized, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, or India have done so, the danger of mafia exploitation disappears. Also, the price of surrogacy is high and can be a great economic boost for women who, otherwise, are vulnerable to exploitation.

Opponents of this argument allege that legalizing surrogacy runs the risk of making the system a way of life for many women and even that the excess supply of wombs for rent could drastically lower prices until the economic boost that saves them disappears women from the danger of being exploited because of their economic vulnerability.

How Does Surrogate Application Forms Work?

A surrogate mother application with us is a straightforward process. You can check for the surrogate application forms on our official website and start filling them from there. The application process is simple and in four easy steps, you can complete the online form and begin your journey into parenthood.

We have created quite a name in the surrogacy industry when it comes to helping couples become parents. Our motto, as can be seen from our website, is “conceiving miracles with love.” This says it all about the kind of work ethics we follow and encourage. When you choose us to help you start a family, you can rest assured that we will be with you and the surrogate throughout the process so that your journey towards parenthood is magnificent.


The reality is that today, there is a growing need for surrogacy and with the standards of modern life and the difficulties that more and more couples face in conceiving, it is likely that this demand will continue to increase. In the same vein, the laws of many countries must begin to reflect and regulate this demand just like the United States. For many people, the need to have a child is enormous, but this need must not be allowed to lead to the exploitation of women, who are often the poorest and most unprotected.

If you are looking for exceptional care and surrogacy services where you are supported throughout the process of becoming a parent, then get in touch with our experts today!


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