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Why Surrogacy is an Option for Building a Family

For many, the journey to parenthood is filled with challenges. Whether due to health conditions, personal circumstances, or preferences, some hopeful parents pursue alternate routes to welcome a child into their lives. Surrogacy offers an opportunity to do just that.

What leads people to surrogacy? There are a variety of motivations.

Age-Related Fertility Decline

As the biological clock ticks, the potential for women to have a fruitful pregnancy decreases. Fortunately, surrogate mothers within the age group of 21-38 years, who have a proven record of healthy pregnancies, come as saviors, ready to bear the gift of life for others.

Absence of a Uterus

For those who have had to undergo a hysterectomy due to medical reasons, or were born without a uterus – a condition that affects a small fraction of women globally, the dream of bearing a child can seem distant. Some women are born without a uterus or require surgical removal later in life due to cancer, organ damage, or other conditions. Surrogacy offers a solution, bridging the gap between this dream and reality.

LGBTQ+ Parenting

Same-sex couples, particularly male partners, often rely on surrogacy to expand their families. For gay male couples, surrogacy with an egg donor is a way to welcome a baby that is biologically related to one or both fathers. Surrogacy offers more options for same-gender couples to build their families. At Patriot Conceptions, we fervently support and celebrate the growth of families through surrogacy in the LGBTQ+ community, fostering a sense of inclusivity and love.

Uterine Conditions and Defects

A host of uterine issues that either hinder conception or pose a threat to a safe full-term pregnancy can be circumvented through surrogacy. Certain uterine abnormalities like fibroids, malformations, or scarring can make it difficult or dangerous to carry a pregnancy, even if conception isn't a problem. This gives many women the chance to have a biological child without the potential risks that might come with carrying the baby themselves.

High-Risk Pregnancies

Certain health conditions might deter a safe pregnancy, posing risks to both the mother and the child. Health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or kidney disease can endanger the mother and baby during pregnancy. Surrogacy steps in as a safe alternative, where the intended mother can have a biological child without jeopardizing her health. Using a healthy surrogate removes this risk.

Personal Preference

Beyond medical reasons, the decision to choose surrogacy could stem from personal preferences. In the contemporary setting, many view surrogacy as an empowering choice that aligns with their vision of family building.

The list of reasons is indeed expansive, and the aforementioned ones touch upon the lives and experiences of countless individuals and couples globally who see their aspirations of having a biological child realized through surrogacy.

Could You be the Beacon of Hope?

If you've been blessed with healthy pregnancies in the past, you might hold the key to making someone's dream of a family come true. Surrogacy is more than just an act of kindness; it's forming a bond that lasts a lifetime.

At Patriot Conceptions, we invite you to explore the enriching journey of becoming a surrogate. Your willingness to help could illuminate the lives of many aspiring parents. Join us in weaving stories of hope, dreams, and everlasting bonds.

Let's build families, foster love, and spread happiness together. Talk to us to understand more about the transformative journey that surrogacy is, and how you can be a part of someone else's fairy tale ending.


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