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Elizabeth Harrison

Surrogate Consultant

Boise, ID

Hi! I'm Liz from Boise, Idaho, so I enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, water and snow skiing, biking, music, dance, and painting landscapes. I was blessed to be able to birth and raise three children, two of whom are boy/girl twins. The twins were my second pregnancy and I was completely surprised and delighted with the whole process (including the bed rest where I was advised by my doctor to eat as much healthy, delicious food as possible to help the twins gain a healthy birth weight). So, I understand the excitement, as well as the process of child-bearing and would love to assist you in bringing the joy of a baby into someone's life who would not otherwise be able to experience having a child. From hindsight, I cannot think of a greater moment than when all of my babies were born into the world!

Help People from around the World

Disabled military couples are looking for warm-hearted women to help them.

How It Works



If you are

21-38 years of age

Delivered one or more children

Live in one of the

surrogacy-friendly states

BMI of 30 or less.​

Step 1: Submit the Surrogate Mother Intake Form

Step 2: Submit the Surrogate Full Application Form

Step 3: Submit the Background Check Authorization

Step 4: Submit the Medical Record Authorization



We will reach out to you for getting to know each other and see if you are qualified to be a surrogate.

surrogacy requirements


  • Between 21-38 years old

  • US Citizen or Legal Alien

  • BMI Between 18-30

  • Have given a healthy and uncomplicated birth at least once...



We will match you with the intended parents when the medical screening is passed. We will prepare you for medical clearance, legal consultation, and everything to get you ready for surrogacy

surrogacy process
surrogacy paperwork

Step 1: Match with an Intended Parent

Step 2: Medical Clearance

Step 3: The Legal Process

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