Suouay Haynes


Surrogate Consultant


Las vegas, Nevada


My name is Su. I'm a mother to 6 children. 3 of the children are my stepkids and the other 3 are mine. We are a happy blended family. I am located in Las Vegas area. I've been a Gestational Surrogate 3 times before and have thoroughly enjoyed helping people become a family. Since I am unable to be a surrogate again due to my age, and I still want to help others, I think its a blessing to try to consult others and helping them understand the benefits of helping couples to become parents. It is one of the most beautiful gift that you can give to others and it is priceless when you can help someone complete their family

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  • Between 21-37 years old

  • US Citizen or Legal Alien

  • BMI Between 18-30

  • Have given a healthy and uncomplicated birth at least once...

  • Application Process

    • Initial Intake Form​

    • Phone Consultation

    • Preliminary Screening

  • Screening Process...

  • Up to 80K in Base Compensation and Additional Benefits

  • Paid Legal Counsel

  • Paid Housekeeping

  • Paid Lost Wages and Childcare

  • Paid Health Insurance...




Application checklist

Intake Form

Time: 2-3 minutes

Purpose: Allow us to do a quick preliminary screening.

Full Application

Time: 20-30 minutes

Purpose: A comprehensive overview of your lifestyle, belief, and medical history. 


Time: 5-10 Minutes

Purpose: Allow us to request and review your medical records.


Time: 5-10 minutes

Purpose: Allow us to search for your court record, driver record, personal credit history etc.

Headquarter  Location:

Orange County Office

695 Town Center Dr,

Suite 1200,

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone: (888) 807-1126

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