Vanessa Pholeuanghong


Surrogate Consultant


Dallas, Texas


Hi I'm Vanessa Pholeuanghong and I am a Surrogate Consultant with Patriot Conceptions. I chose to be a consultant with Patriot Conceptions, because I believe in our cause-to help families find their surrogate match. Building a healthy, and happy family takes a team! When I'm not helping families, I volunteer as a Social Studies & Science teacher for the city of Dallas. My hobbies are reading science/tech news, and spending time with my family, which consist of my two sons Ethan (15), and Luke (13); our pet dogs,"Tink, Jet", and jumping spider, "Gigi".

Get Started with your consultant! 

  • Between 21-37 years old

  • US Citizen or Legal Alien

  • BMI Between 18-30

  • Have given a healthy and uncomplicated birth at least once...

  • Application Process

    • Initial Intake Form​

    • Phone Consultation

    • Preliminary Screening

  • Screening Process...

  • Up to 80K in Base Compensation and Additional Benefits

  • Paid Legal Counsel

  • Paid Housekeeping

  • Paid Lost Wages and Childcare

  • Paid Health Insurance...




Application checklist

Intake Form

Time: 2-3 minutes

Purpose: Allow us to do a quick preliminary screening.

Full Application

Time: 20-30 minutes

Purpose: A comprehensive overview of your lifestyle, belief, and medical history. 


Time: 5-10 Minutes

Purpose: Allow us to request and review your medical records.


Time: 5-10 minutes

Purpose: Allow us to search for your court record, driver record, personal credit history etc.


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