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Blaine Dickens

Surrogate Consultant

Dallas, Texas

Blaine Dickens is a former 2012 Presidential Management Fellow with the United States Government where he served in various multi agency assignments with the U.S. Treasury Department in the DC Metro Area, where he was responsible for the agency�s international and domestic economic crimes professional services contracts. He is also the former President of Uptown Lending in Dallas, TX from 2001 to 2012. Prior to entering private business, he was a Dallas Police Officer from 1995 to 2001. Blaine served his country in Iraq with the U.S. Army during Operation Desert Storm. Blaine has served on the Board of Trustees for The Dallas Police and Fire Pension System and serves on the Professional Services Committee. He is an avid golfer and a active member in his church. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies and a Master of Public Administration degree from American Military University, Graduate Certificate in Government Contracting from Villanova University, Certificate in Legislative Affairs from The Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University and a Certificate in Finance from Harvard Business School. Mr. Dickens is also a federally certified Contracting Officer with the Federal Acquisition Institute.

Help People from around the World

Disabled military couples are looking for warm-hearted women to help them.

How It Works



If you are

21-38 years of age

Delivered one or more children

Live in one of the

surrogacy-friendly states

BMI of 30 or less.​

Step 1: Submit the Surrogate Mother Intake Form

Step 2: Submit the Surrogate Full Application Form

Step 3: Submit the Background Check Authorization

Step 4: Submit the Medical Record Authorization



We will reach out to you for getting to know each other and see if you are qualified to be a surrogate.


  • Between 21-38 years old

  • US Citizen or Legal Alien

  • BMI Between 18-30

  • Have given a healthy and uncomplicated birth at least once...



We will match you with the intended parents when the medical screening is passed. We will prepare you for medical clearance, legal consultation, and everything to get you ready for surrogacy

Step 1: Match with an Intended Parent

Step 2: Medical Clearance

Step 3: The Legal Process

Our Beautiful Surrogates


Work with a world-renowned agency trusted by MANY

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Patriot Conceptions was born from the veteran owner's experience of witnessing his comrades suffering from infertility post-combat.  In the military, soldiers swear to protect and serve the people of their nation. Serving in the military can come with great sacrifice. He witnessed his friends and fellow soldiers suffer the grief of infertility after all they have previously experienced during the war.  He knew he had to do something to help his comrades and anyone else suffering from infertility. 


Since the founding, Patriot Conceptions has been a firm believer that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood and the happiness of a complete family. Patriot Conceptions screens qualified surrogates based on the “ASRM” guidelines and match them with the most ideal Intended Parents who share similar beliefs, interests, and expectations.


As a professional surrogacy agency, Patriot Conceptions has established a long relationship with the most renowned IVF clinics, doctors, attorneys, psychologists, psychotherapists, and surrogacy professionals. We are devoted to providing the best full-spectrum services to help families from all over the world fulfill their dreams of experiencing the miracle of life. 

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