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Patriot Conceptions is a veteran-owned company dedicated to exuding honor, integrity, and selfless service. During my service, I witnessed comrades suffering from infertility post-combat. In the military, soldiers swear to protect and serve the people of the nation. Here, we too swear to protect and serve all the selfless spirits who undergo surrogacy and the parent(s) suffering from infertility. We embrace diversity by supporting the infertility community in its entirety.

Since its founding, Patriot Conceptions has been a firm believer that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood and the happiness of a family. Patriot Conceptions chooses qualified surrogates based on the “ASRM” guideline and matches them with the most ideal intended parents who share similar beliefs, interests, and expectations. As a professional surrogacy agency, Patriot Conceptions has established a long relationship with the most renowned IVFs, doctors, attorneys, psychologists, psychotherapists, and surrogacy professionals. We are devoted to providing the best full-spectrum services to help families from all over the world to fulfill their dream by conceiving the miracle of life.

●We are offering a real opportunity to make $50,000 - $150,000 a year plus benefits.  

●You can work at your own pace and we do not micromanage.  

●Your career will consist of recruiting healthy and willing individuals, who are open to carrying a child to term for another couple.  

●You will be compensated between $3,000 - $5,000 per surrogate you recruit. Currently, our average recruiter is doing 2 surrogate sign ups a  month. However, our top recruiters make six figures a year, roughly 30% of our recruiters.  

●We are doing a large group interview process and have always preferred this method. Please attend our group interview to see if you are a good fit for our company. 


Duties & Responsibilities:​

• Utilize Social Media/Digital marketing skills to target interested individuals and generate prospective surrogates.

• Perform outreach to recruit new gestational surrogates to complete the Application and Preliminary Screening Process.

• Educate and counsel prospective surrogates on each aspect of the surrogacy process in a professional manner through phone consultations, video conferences, or emails.

• Provide continuous emotional and social support through the matching and contract signing process, and ensure the surrogates feel supported and appreciated by establishing trustworthy relationships.

• Update and utilize company required project management and customer relationship management systems. • Represent our agency courteously and professionally and adhere to industry standards, guidelines, policies and procedures, federal, state, local, and practice requirements.

Candidate Qualifications:

• 1+ years of experience in the social media/digital marketing industry. Be able to implement various ad/promotion strategies for impressions and traffic on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and other social media best practices.

• Possess excellent communication skills and experience in direct sales/sourcing, or customer service-related positions.

• Previous experience as a gestational surrogate or in IVF and infertility industry is extremely valued.

• Familiar with various content creation and customization tools, simple project management software and CRM system is preferred.

• Highly organized and self-motivated. Willing to communicate with surrogates outside normal business hours and comfortable working with a diverse and multicultural team.



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