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Surrogacy Cost Overview

We understand that it's important that our package and prices are transparent to our customers. While the cost can vary from person to person, its items will remain mostly the same for everyone. On this page, you can find the details of what the cost covers and which part of the cost might vary for different scenarios.

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Understanding the surrogacy cost

At Patriot Conceptions, the cost of surrogacy ranges from $100,000 - $130,000, depending on the situation of every individual case. The price differences are mainly due to the benefits package, location, and insurance plan. We have a number of financing options and we offer competitive prices as we have many years of combined experience. We have ample resources for IVF clinics and doctors. Our expertise and experience attract a large number of surrogates each year that we are flexible to tailor your surrogate program and help you meet the budget while finding your ideal surrogate. The cost table below shows an estimate of all surrogacy costs (actual cost may vary).

*To get a personalized cost estimate, please contact us through our office phone (888) 807-1126 or email us. For more information, please see our Contact Us page.

Surrogate Screening & Management Fee
Agency Retainer Fee
Background Check Fee
Surrogate Pre-Screening Fee
Psychological Screening Fee
Legal Fee
Trust Account Management Fee
Surrogacy Agreement
Reviewing Attorney for the Surrogate
PBO (Pre-Birth Order) Establishment
Surrogate Benefit Package
Surrogate Base Compensation
Surrogate Benefit Package
Surrogate Insurance Fee
Medical Insurance Review and Management
Life Insurance
Surrogate Medical Insurance Premiums
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