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How Are Surrogates Compensated?

Surrogates are compensated throughout their surrogacy journey, starting even before pregnancy. Below, we outline the details of our surrogate compensation, including base pay, additional benefits, and the timeline for payments.

Surrogate Compensation at Patriot Conceptions

Earn Up to $100K 

The base compensation for first-time surrogate mothers ranges from $35,000 to $55,000 depending on the state of residence. Experienced surrogate mothers can earn between $50,000 to $91,000 depending on the state of residence.


In addition to the base compensation, Patriot Conceptions offers a range of benefits and add-ons such as a signing bonus, monthly allowances, paid medical screening, legal counsel, and more. You can earn up to $100,000 in compensation, making this a great opportunity to help others while also earning a substantial amount of money.

surrogacy compensation

Surrogate Payment Breakdown:

A Transparent Overview


  • 加急申请奖金$ 500

  • 签约奖金$ 500

  • 每月其他津贴$ 300

  • 可注射的IVF药物酬金$ 600

  • 移植费$ 1,000 /单次

  • 医疗检查费

  • 法律顾问费

  • 心理评估费

  • IVF诊所体检的差旅费,包括工资损失和育儿费用


  • 每月其他津贴$ 300

  • 基本补偿$ 4K〜$ 5.5K

  • 管家费$ 75 /周

  • 福利计划$ 600 /旅程

  • 孕妇装$ 800 +

  • 人寿保险$ 250K +

  • 法律顾问费


  • 多胎费用$ 7000(双胞胎)

  • 剖腹产$ 3000

  • 模拟/掉落$ 500

  • 侵入性生产$ 500〜$ 7K

  • 卧床休息$ 250 /周

  • 母乳喂养$ 200 /周

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