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Frequently Asked Questions


Senator Hutto got into public service because he knew we could do better for our kids and our schools. He knows the quality of our schools affects everything else we do – workforce development, infrastructure improvements, and our quality of life. To this day, he continues to fight for a school system that puts our kids first by increasing funding, raising teacher pay, and fighting for universal pre-k.

Additionally, while we need to do more to get our graduation rates up, he knows that simply graduating high school is no longer enough for young people today. He is fighting to improve our technical colleges and job training so everyone can fulfil their potential, no matter the career path they choose.

Rural Health Care

Senator Hutto believes every person in South Carolina deserves high quality, affordable health care. He has worked hard to expand the CHIPS program, which is now covering more than 80% of the children in the state.

Additionally, he has worked hard to bring good health care options to rural communities in the state. In the 1960s, every small town in South Carolina had a doctor and every county had a hospital. Now, many small towns and rural communities are at times 2-3 hours away from access to care. Times have changed, and the health care system needs to adapt. Senator Hutto led the effort to get the money to build the Barnwell Bamberg Emergency Medical Center to help close the gap between health care coverage in the rural parts of the district.

Economic Development and Rural Jobs

Unfortunately, too many people are leaving rural South Carolina for bigger cities, better jobs, and high pay potential. Senator Hutto knows that we need to do more to bring good, high paying jobs to rural South Carolina so young people can stay and live in the communities where they were raised.

He has worked hard to expand the job training programs in the technical colleges throughout the district, and is working to bring more jobs to rural South Carolina.


Children don’t get to make choices as it relates to their safety. We have to do more to protect our young people, and Senator Hutto has been hard a work doing just that.

He has been a leader on child safety laws, making sure the requirements for car seats and safety processes in our cars are as up to date as possible, protecting our children. He has also been recognized as the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Legislator of the Year for 3 consecutive years for his efforts to keep our young people safe.


Between hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities, our way of life revolves around the outdoors and the natural environment. The more we do to protect the environment, the more we are doing to promote our economy, our daily activities, and our future.

Senator Hutto has secured funding to improve river landings throughout Orangeburg County that allow more people to experience the river, and the outdoors.

Jasper Port

Attracting new jobs to South Carolina requires us to think about our future. Senator Hutto knows if we are going to compete with local ports, we need to build a port in Jasper County to access the world economy. Building the port is a major priority for Senator Hutto.

Women's Acess to Healthcare

Women’s health is an important issue, and Senator Hutto has been a leader in making sure women can be in charge of women’s health. He has been one of the most vocal advocates against efforts to get between a woman and her doctor, and to take away women’s access to health care.

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