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Surrogacy Process Overview

Navigating the Surrogacy Process - What to Expect

The incredible surrogacy journey varies for each intended parent and gestational carrier, but often spans around 12 months from matching to baby.

As a full-service surrogacy agency, Patriot Conceptions provides specialized support customized for your unique path. Our experts guide you through every step – from initial consultations to legal clearance, embryos transfers, navigating the pregnancy, and ultimately the joy of welcoming a long-awaited baby.

Whether you're exploring surrogacy, ready to move forward, or committed to the process, we meet you where you are with personalized care. Though timelines fluctuate based on personal needs, here’s an overview of what to expect when pursuing surrogacy:

Step 1 : Make an Appointment

Step 1:

Make an Appointment

The road toward building your family through surrogacy starts here.


At Patriot Conceptions, we simplify taking that first step with a warm welcome and transparent guidance.

You’ll have an introductory consultation with our specialist to discuss your goals for growing your family and fully outline what’s involved at each phase of the surrogacy process. This is an opportunity to get acquainted, establishing understanding and trust.

We’ll learn more about your unique needs and preferences while answering any pressing questions you may have to empower thoughtful decision-making. By the end our initial meeting, you’ll feel confident in either proceeding forward or taking more time before embarking on your surrogacy journey with us. We’re here to support you each step of the way.

1-2 Weeks

Step 2 : Find the ideal surrogate

Step 2:

Find the ideal


Surrogacy Matching - Finding Your Ideal Gestational Carrier

Our case managers get to know all our surrogates to enable the most compatible match aligned with your distinct needs and family values.

With care and expertise, we identify outstanding altruistic women ready to selflessly carry life and possibility to intended families.

 We go through a strict and thorough surrogate screening process to make sure our surrogates are mentally, physically, and financially prepared for the whole surrogacy.

3-4 Weeks

Step 3 : Match with the Surrogate

step 3:

match with

the surrogate

Getting Acquainted with Your Match

We facilitate introductory meetings so you can find the perfect partner for your surrogacy journey. After you decide on a potential candidate through the matching process, we will arrange a video chat or in-person appointment for you and your surrogate. This is a chance to ensure open communication and comfortability moving forward together. We arrange for you to review IVF clinic and fertility procedure options. We believe openness, understanding, and shared vision between intended parents and gestational carriers makes an enormous difference. That’s why we invest such care into finding not just medically eligible - but perfectly matched surrogates based on the uniqueness of each intended family.

1 Day

Step 4 : Medical Cycle

step 4:

Medical Cycle

Your Surrogate's Screening Process

Congratulations - with your official matched surrogate now by your side, it’s time to ensure full preparation and clearance for her to carry a healthy pregnancy.

Your compassionate gestational carrier will undergo all necessary medical checks, tests and exams such as blood panels, antibiotic screens, STD checks, psychological evaluations and more. We leave no detail unchecked when it comes to safeguarding our surrogates' wellbeing.

Additionally, our insurance specialists conduct in-depth policy reviews to clearly outline coverage for associated treatment, appointments and potential complications. We ensure our surrogates and intended parents all understand projected costs and protection.

1 Week

Step 5 : Legal Process

step 5:

legal process

Finalizing Your Surrogacy Agreement

With your surrogate now fully cleared for pregnancy from a health perspective, the next step is completing the legal formalities to protect all parties on the journey ahead through binding documentation.

While your compassionate carrier attends her final screening appointments, our team ensures you connect with specialized legal experts to draft a comprehensive contract defining the parameters, expectations, and contingencies involved.

Crafting this detailed surrogacy agreement provides clarification on everything from compensation and reimbursements to disputed resolution procedures, insurance stipulations and beyond. We know what a gift of trust it is having someone carry new life for you. The goal is for all to feel fully secure.

Let our advisors guide you in finalizing paperwork so everything is settled in preparation for the excitement of transfer day. We handle the legal complexities - you focus on the hope. Contact us anytime if you have questions around completing your surrogacy arrangements to be able to fully embrace this profound chapter.

2-6 Weeks

Step 6 : Get Pregnant

step 6:

get pregnant

Embryo Transfer 

During this phase, our team will guide you through the embryo transfer process to support a successful pregnancy. Once the legal and medical preparations are complete, the surrogate will undergo fertility medication to optimize the chances of a successful first embryo transfer. The pregnancy test, scheduled 10 to 15 days after the transfer, marks a significant milestone as you may hear your baby's heartbeat. Throughout the pregnancy, we conduct regular check-ins with the surrogate to ensure all is on track. While the surrogate is responsible for standard medical appointments, our specialists are always available to address any concerns. Together, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming delivery.

9-10 Months

Step 7 : Build a Family!

step 7:

build a family!

Deliver the baby!

Congratulations on this significant milestone and the beginning of a new chapter in your life. We are honored to have been part of this extraordinary journey with you.

Lifetime Joy

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