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a girl born through surrogacy sitting with her mom and grandmother

Surrogacy Process Overview

The surrogacy journey consists of many steps and can take about a year, and the timeline could be different for everyone. But no matter what your situation is, Patriot Conceptions will always be there at every step you take to make sure you have a smooth and successful journey.

Here is a process explained as follow:

Step 1 : Make an Appointment

Step 1:

Make an Appointment

The journey begins here! We will make the first step as simple as possible.

You will have the first appointment with our specialist. We will learn your goals and walk you through the whole surrogacy process in steps. It is time to get to know each other better and answer all your questions and concerns. By the end of the first appointment, you will have all the information you need to know to make the right decision.

1-2 Weeks

Step 2 : Find the ideal surrogate

Step 2:

Find the ideal


3-4 Weeks

Once you decide to start the surrogacy with us, we will get everything prepared.

Finding the best-fit surrogate for you is our priority. We proudly go through a strict and thorough surrogate screening process to make sure our surrogates are mentally, physically, and financially prepared for the whole surrogacy.

Step 3 : Match with the Surrogate

step 3:

match with

the surrogate

You will meet your potential surrogate and match.

After you decide on a potential candidate through the matching process, we will arrange a video chat or in-person appointment for you and your surrogate. You can request the IVF (In vitro fertilization) review and decide whether to take the admission.

1 Day

Step 4 : Medical Cycle

step 4:

Medical Cycle

You have your official surrogate. Woohoo!

Your surrogate will go through the medical clearance (e.g. blood test, antibiotic check, etc) and psychological screening to qualify for the pregnancy. An Insurance specialist will be there to review the surrogate’s insurance situation to make sure you do not have any unexpected costs.

1 Week

Step 5 : Legal Process

step 5:

legal process

After your surrogate gets clear for pregnancy, we will move forward to the legal process.

While your surrogate finished medical clearance, you start to draft contracts with legal experts. The goal is to make a legal agreement between you and your surrogate for the pregnancy.

2-6 Weeks

Step 6 : Get Pregnant

step 6:

get pregnant

We will assist you to do embryo transfer and get your surrogate pregnant.

After finishing the legal process and your surrogate is medically ready to do the embryo transfer, your IVF doctor will put the surrogate on fertility medication to attempt to ensure a successful pregnancy with the first embryo transfer. The pregnancy test will take place 10 to 15 days after embryo transfer. You will also be able to hear your baby's heartbeat. We will do a monthly check-in with your surrogate before the delivery. Your surrogate is responsible for the regular ultrasound and OB exams. Our specialist will always be there answering your needs. We are counting down the date of delivery.

9-10 Months

Step 7 : Build a Family!

step 7:

build a family!

Deliver the baby!

Congratulations on getting your baby and starting the new chapter of your life! It is our pleasure to help and witness this magical journey with you.

Lifetime Joy

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