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Surrogacy Process

How to become a surrogate

surrogacy process

Surrogate process

surrogacy process
surrogacy process
surrogacy process
surrogacy pregnancy

Step 1: Application Process

  • Initial Intake Form

  • Phone Consultation with Consultant 

  • Preliminary Screening by Agency

  • Get matched with an intended parent

        To learn more about the surrogate application process, please go to our Surrogate Application page

Step 2: Screening Process

4-6 Weeks

  • Presentable Profile Sent Out 

  • Skype/WeChat Interview with Intended Parents

  • Match Confirmation

  • Official Medical Records Approval from IVF Facility


        To learn more about the Surrogate Requirements and Screening Process, please go to the Surrogate Requirements page 

Step 3: Transfer Preparation

3-4 Weeks

  • Embryo Transfer Date Set-Up

  • Calendar Strictly for Medications & Injections

  • Attend All IVF Medical Appointments

Step 4: FET Procedure

10-12 Weeks

  • FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)

  • Confirmation of Pregnancy

  • Continue Monitoring Process for TEN Weeks

  • IVF Facility Graduation 

Step 5: Pregnancy & Delivery

36-40 Weeks

  • Routine OBGYN Check Ups

  • IP’s Establish Parental Rights 

  • Deliver Baby for the IP’s

Watch the Video to Learn More Details About Application Process

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