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Family Love by a Mother and Her Two Daughters

Intended Parents:
Your Path to Parenthood with Gestational Surrogacy

Why Surrogacy?

Hundreds of families have been created through surrogacy. Here are a few surrogacy benefits:

  • Surrogacy enables infertile couples, single individuals, and members of the LGBTQ community to become parents when they may not be able to have children otherwise.

  • In most cases, gestational surrogacy allows one or both parents to be biologically related to their child.

  • Surrogacy gives parents the opportunity to raise a child from birth.

  • Intended parents are involved throughout the pregnancy experience. They can be present for many key milestones from the embryo transfer to their baby’s birth.

  • Surrogacy gives intended parents the opportunity to form a special bond with their surrogate and her family.

  • Intended parents may face fewer restrictions with surrogacy than with adoption; those who cannot adopt due to agency restrictions on factors like age can still pursue surrogacy.

  • Surrogacy gives intended parents more control and peace of mind throughout the pregnancy than they usually have with fertility treatments or adoption.

The surrogate journey consists of many steps and may take about a year or longer. You may not be familiar with the process. Don't worry! We are here to guide and assist you to make your whole experience simple and carefree. Patriot Conceptions is dedicated to helping our clients reach their family goals. We are committing to be always there for you and make sure you will have a smooth and successful journey.

Why Surrogacy

Our Surrogate Screening Process

Step 1: 


We accept surrogates from across the United States. The potential surrogate mother will submit the initial intake form as the first step.

Step 3: 


Applicants who pass our first phone selection will fill out extensive questionnaires that will be reviewed by our admission director again. 

Step 5: 


The psychological evaluation usually takes place in the clinic and the doctor will ask applicants questions to make sure all the answers are accurate and precise. 

Step 7: 


Step 2: 


Our surrogate admission director will reach out and interview potential applicants over the phone. 

Step 4: 


We will review the questionnaires and applicants who are qualified will submit the full applications and paperwork in-depth.

Step 6: 


We will verify every document and line up with their questionnaire results to make sure everything they provided is accurate and faithful.   

We will have complete assessments of applicants to determine if they are qualified for surrogacy.

Our Surrogate Screening Process

Comprehensive Surrogate Screening Process for a Successful Surrogacy Journey

We understand the importance of a thorough and rigorous screening process to ensure a successful surrogacy journey for all parties involved. Our experienced surrogate admission directors are dedicated to finding the best-fit surrogate for you.

Screening Requirements:

To become a surrogate with our agency, candidates must meet the following requirements:

Primary requirements:
  • Age: Between 21-36 years old

  • Pregnancy History: Have delivered one or more children without complications

  • Legal Status: U.S. Citizen or legal alien

  • Residence: Reside in a surrogacy-friendly state (excluding Louisiana, Michigan, and Nebraska)

  • Non-smoker and live in a non-smoking home

  • Non-drug user

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or less

Background and Psychological Assessments:
  • Willing to undergo a background check (including spouse/partner)

  • Willing to undergo a psychological evaluation

  • Own a vehicle for transportation to appointments

  • Not receiving federal/state financial assistance (except acceptable forms)

  • No history of arrests or substance abuse

Medical Examinations:
  • STD, drug, and Hepatitis tests

  • Pelvic exam

Our screening process typically takes three to six weeks to complete. We conduct a thorough assessment of each candidate's medical, psychological, and lifestyle factors to ensure they are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for the responsibilities of surrogacy.

Our comprehensive surrogate screening process is designed to provide you with peace of mind and confidence that your surrogate is the best possible choice for your surrogacy journey. We are committed to providing a safe, ethical, and supportive environment for all parties involved.

Requirment for Becoming a Surroagte

Surrogate Matching Process

Step 1:


 The first step to your journey is to decide on a surrogate. We are also happy to provide you with information to help you make a decision.

Step 3: 


You will confirm your matching and deposit the first payment for the surrogate.

Step 5: 


After the surrogate has passed evaluations, your attorney will establish a contract for both of you to agree on and sign. 

Step 2: 


We will organize a video chat for you and your potential surrogate. You take the time to learn each other better and see if she is the ideal match.

Step 4:


Your surrogate will go through both medical and psychological evaluation to ensure that she is ready to be a surrogate mother.

Step 6: 


Once all previous steps are finished, we will have your surrogate prepared for the pregnancy and move the whole surrogate process forward. 

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