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Surrogate Qualifications and Requirements

As a leading surrogacy agency, we ensure only the best candidates, who meet our qualification criteria, are matched with intended parents to enable healthy, successful journeys. Find out if you meet the surrogate criteria below.

Surrogate Qualifications - Are You Eligible?

  • Between 21-36 years old to carry a healthy pregnancy

  • Previously delivered 1+ children without complications

  • U.S. citizen or legal resident in a surrogacy-friendly state

  • Non-smoker living in a smoke-free environment

  • No illegal drugs or controlled substance use

  • BMI under 30 – calculate yours to check eligibility

  • Reliable vehicle for transportation to appointments

  • Not currently receiving government financial assistance

  • No criminal history or arrests on background check

  • Agreeable to psychological and medical evaluations

  • STD-free and willing to take drug tests and hepatitis test

  • Able to travel to fertility clinic for screenings & procedures

Learn More About Surrogate Requirements

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