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How To Be A Surrogate Mother?

Let us join forces fighting infertility!

Many individuals and families are fighting for infertility and their life joy.

Surrogacy Overview

When people want to have a baby, they need an egg, a sperm, a womb, and a family to raise their kids. However, sometimes people do not have all conditions for various reasons. We are here to help. Gestational surrogacy offers an opportunity for infertile individuals and families to have a baby of their own.

Patriot Conceptions aims to help intended parents build families by matching them with surrogates. We have over 15 years of combined experience to provide full services for both intended parents and surrogates with support and concierge.

Being a surrogate, you are helping intended parents build families by carrying their babies. What you do to help them will be much appreciated and highly valued. It is our responsibility that our surrogates have a smooth and successful journey with clear instructions, strong support, and concierge.

How do I get compensation for being a surrogate?

Being a surrogate is a life-changing and rewarding experience. And most importantly, it is a huge honor to help someone build a family. That’s why Patriot Conceptions offer our surrogates a compensation package of up to $85,000 to make their journey comfortable and safe.

Can I choose the individual or couple I am a surrogate for?

Patriot Conceptions will choose Intended Parents that fit the criteria you have chosen by showing them your presentable profile. Once we have Intended Parents interested in you, we will set up a video interview via Skype/WeChat. When the video interview is over, both you and the Intended Parents will have the opportunity to decide if you would like to move forward with the other and be matched.


Have more questions? You can find the answer on our Surrogate FAQ page.

surrogacy requirements


  • Between 21-38 years old

  • US Citizen or Legal Alien

  • BMI Between 18-30

  • Have given a healthy and uncomplicated birth at least once...

surrogacy process


  • Application Process

    • Initial Intake Form​

    • Phone Consultation

    • Preliminary Screening

  • Screening Process...

surrogacy cost


  • Up to 70K in Base Compensation and Additional Benefits

  • Paid Legal Counsel

  • Paid Housekeeping

  • Paid Lost Wages and Childcare

  • Paid Health Insurance...

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