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Our Surrogate Referral Program

Becoming a surrogate is not the only way to help make a family complete. If you were denied, but still wish to help families in need or you are currently in the process of becoming a surrogate- look no further!


You can help by referring qualified candidates to Patriot Conceptions. We created a referral program where people can pay it forward and earn referral fee along the way. 

Learn more about how our surrogate referral program works to compensate recruiters for their efforts and how it helps us to further assist people with their dreams of becoming a parent. 

How Our Program Works

Refer a CA gestational candidate for getting a referral fee of $2,000. Refer a gestational candidate from other states will get a referral fee of $1,500. 


The more candidates you refer, the more you make!

Have someone in mind already? Please have her consider completing our surrogate intake form

Spread this message to your friends, colleagues, and peers who are interested in helping families by becoming their surrogate mothers. It takes a village! 


How to Receive Your Bonus

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You will receive the first half of your referral bonus once you (if you are a current surrogate) and your referred surrogate:

• are medically pre-approved by our in-house medical coordinator. 

passes the medical screening at an IVF clinic. 

You will then receive the second half of your referral bonus once you and your referred surrogate:

•are matched with an intended parent or couple.

How to Join Our Program

If you are interested in becoming a referral agent for Patriot Conceptions, please follow the following steps:

  • Register your information below


After we collect your basic contact information, we will send you your referral link and social media templates. To become a successful referral agent you must: 


  • Post our content to your social media platforms and tag us. 

  • Share the Surrogate Referral Form to your gestational candidates.                    

  • Follow up with your surrogates to be an active member of their journey.  

  • Use your referral link to track your referral fee.                                                                    

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