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With Mother’s Day on the brink of becoming a national holiday, it’s no surprise that fathers and fathers-to-be all around the world feel equally eager to be celebrated and acknowledged on the International Father’s Day.

For Intended Fathers who are yet to be blessed with parenthood, the thought of having an exclusive day dedicated to fathers is even more exciting.

At Patriot Conceptions, all the Intended Fathers we’ve worked with are as much vested in the surrogacy journey as their female counterparts.

So, all you Intended Mothers out there thinking of ideas to make your partner’s day even more special, let us help you make his first Father’s Day unforgettable!

1. Dinner Date for Two

Brace yourselves for not having the luxury of going on date nights every weekend for the next couple of years without having to check the baby monitor every 10 minutes. As an ode to your remaining few carefree months, let yourselves indulge a bit and enjoy a nice, romantic date at your favorite restaurant! And hey a little stroll on the beach at night won’t hurt either. Because guess what? Strollers aren’t exactly the easiest to maneuver around in the sand. So, treat yourself and enjoy the spontaneity while it lasts.

2. Coordinated T-shirt & Onesie Set

We are absolutely in love with this uber cute T-shirt and onesie set fit for your partner and the little one on the way. If Darth Vader is not up your alley, choose from a plethora of similar graphic T’s, and onesie sets sure to bring a smile on his face.


3. Pregnancy Journal

Nothing says thoughtful more than a customized, handmade present, even if it is something as simple as a pregnancy journal. Document your journey together as Intended Parents in the form of photographs, scribbles, notes, and those oh-so-precious sonograms.


4. Memory Jar

Speaking of handmade presents, putting together a memory jar is another great idea to remind dad-to-be of how his presence and companionship have made the surrogacy journey easier for you. Fill the jar with notes describing things and moments you’re most thankful for sharing with him.

Taking the surrogacy route always comes with some challenges and for Intended Parents going through this journey together, it’s always a good idea to stay steadfast and keep reminding each other of the reward you both are working towards.

Patriot Conceptions wishes all the Intended Fathers out there a very happy Father’s Day. Trust us, the little one will be every bit worth the wait.


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