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5 Best Surrogacy Podcasts in 2023

In recent years, surrogacy has become an increasingly popular option for individuals and couples looking to build their families. The emotional journey of surrogacy can be complex, filled with joy, challenges, and important decision-making. Thankfully, the rise of podcasts has provided a platform for people to share their stories, experiences, and insights surrounding surrogacy. In this blog post, we will explore the five best surrogacy podcasts in 2023, offering valuable resources and perspectives for anyone considering or interested in the topic.

1. "The Surrogacy Diaries"

Hosted by Sarah Johnson, "The Surrogacy Diaries" takes listeners on a deeply personal journey through the world of surrogacy. Sarah shares her own experiences as a surrogate, interviews other surrogates, intended parents, and experts in the field. Each episode offers a unique perspective, discussing the emotional, legal, and ethical aspects of surrogacy. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking an honest and heartfelt exploration of surrogacy.

2. "The Intended Journey"

"The Intended Journey" is hosted by Lisa Collins, an intended parent who turned to surrogacy to fulfill her dream of having a child. This podcast delves into the emotions, challenges, and triumphs experienced by intended parents. Lisa provides practical advice, shares personal anecdotes, and invites guests, including surrogates, fertility specialists, and mental health professionals, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the surrogacy process. It's a valuable resource for intended parents looking for guidance and support.

3. "Surrogacy Stories"

Hosted by Angela Thompson, "Surrogacy Stories" features real-life stories from surrogates, intended parents, and children born through surrogacy. Angela's empathetic approach and in-depth interviews provide a diverse range of perspectives, highlighting the unique journeys and outcomes of surrogacy. The podcast explores the emotional rollercoaster of surrogacy, addressing the impact on all parties involved. "Surrogacy Stories" offers a rich tapestry of narratives that will leave listeners informed and inspired.

4. "The Surrogacy Path"

"The Surrogacy Path" is a podcast dedicated to providing practical information and advice for those navigating the surrogacy process. Hosted by Mark Miller, an experienced surrogacy consultant, the podcast covers topics such as finding the right surrogate, legal considerations, financial aspects, and managing relationships. Mark's expertise, along with interviews with professionals and individuals who have gone through the process, ensures that listeners gain a solid understanding of the logistics involved in surrogacy.

5. "Surrogacy Support Podcast"

The "Surrogacy Support Podcast" is a compassionate and educational resource hosted by Amanda Johnson. As a licensed professional counselor specializing in reproductive health, Amanda offers guidance, support, and insights for individuals and couples involved in the surrogacy journey. Each episode focuses on a specific aspect of surrogacy, including emotional well-being, communication, and coping strategies. This podcast is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking emotional support throughout their surrogacy experience.

Surrogacy is a deeply personal and transformative journey for all parties involved. The five podcasts listed above offer a range of perspectives, personal stories, expert advice, and emotional support for those navigating the world of surrogacy in 2023. Whether you're an intended parent, surrogate, or simply curious about the subject. if you want to know more, at Patriot Conceptions we also can guide you towards the fulfillment of your dreams and the creation of your loving family, give you a deep understanding of the emotional intricacies associated with surrogacy.


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