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5 Reasons Why Women Choose Surrogacy

Guest-post by Alison Chrun, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Center for Fertility Support


Becoming a surrogate is an incredibly special and unique responsibility. Many who 

become surrogates choose to do so more than once and for several good reasons.

"I Love Being Pregnant"

The most common reason women desire participating in surrogacy is because they love being pregnant. While many women couldn’t imagine being pregnant more times than they have to, surrogates have a special connection to pregnancy and often feel their best when carrying a child, whether that be for their own family or someone else’s.

"I Want to Help a Family"

Another reason surrogacy is so attractive to women is the yearn to help couples and individuals have a family that aren’t able to in the traditional sense. Surrogates experience joy, excitement and fulfillment when assisting families in such a large way.

"I Want to be A Part of Something Greater Than Myself"

The surrogacy journey can be handled in a hands-off way if both parties agree or in a very connected way. Many surrogates and intended parents create lifetime bonds and connections that bring a sense of family and community to each of their lives. Some of these connections are long lasting with the description of “extended family” with the intention of a long-lasting friendship.

“The Compensation is a Benefit”

Believe it or not, not everyone knows that surrogates are compensated for their journey. While the sole reason for participating in a surrogacy journey is not and should not be the money, it is an added benefit and incentive to surrogacy. Surrogacy is often harder on the body due to hormone medication, frequent testing and medical procedures, therefore, the financial compensation can relieve added stress to the gestational carrier.

“I Understand the Struggle of Infertility”

Many surrogates who decide to embark on a journey have had first-hand experience with infertility through close family and/or friends. When one experiences such a close impact, it can give purpose to giving back. Helping someone in need when given the opportunity can be extremely fulfilling and personal to one’s purpose in life.

Does it Matter Why Someone Wants to Become a Surrogate?

The short answer, YES!

As mental health professionals, while it’s our duty to assess for emotional stability, we must also understand the intention behind deciding to become a gestational carrier. This is an important factor when psychologically clearing a potential surrogate for both the well-being of the surrogate, herself and the intended parents.

There are several wonderful and unique reasons women all over the world choose to become surrogates. The decision is personal to each individual and can be a life changing and sacred experience that creates beautiful relationships across the globe.


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