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Anderson Cooper shares his surrogacy journey

As the news and images of Anderson Cooper’s new born son, Wyatt, splashed across our social media feeds, it caused an emotional frenzy amongst all parents, would-be parents and parenthood hopefuls. Amidst COVID blues, we have rarely come across any heartening news lately but as Anderson poured his heart out about the new addition to their family, hearts across the world were filled with profound joy and prayers for co-parents Anderson and his former partner Benjamin Maisani.

Delivered via a surrogate in April, Anderson expressed heartfelt gratitude to the carrier of his baby and utilized the opportunity to highlight the extraordinary role surrogates play in the lives of people who cannot biologically bear a child of their own. Welcoming the surrogate’s family into his own, Anderson was overwhelmed with joy and emotion as he shared the incredible news with his followers.

With the legalization of same-sex marriage in the US, more and more gay couples are considering parenthood through the aid of assisted reproductive technologies such as gestational surrogacy, where at least one of the two parents get to have a real, biological connection with the baby.

Traditionally, surrogacy has been considered to be a biomedical intervention for resolving infertility issues in heterosexual couples, where either the woman is unable to procreate potentially due to uterine trouble, hormonal imbalances, damaged fallopian tubes, etc, or the man suffers from testicular issues or low sperm count, amongst various other possible diagnoses.

However, modern-day surrogacy and other assisted reproductive technologies, seek to not just bless infertile couples with the gift of biological offspring but have also proved to be a boon for LGBTQ couples longing to have a family they can call their own.

Is the surrogacy journey similar for gay dads?

A plethora of studies conducted has shown that gay couples express as much of a desire to parent as their heterosexual counterparts. And why not? The sense of belonging, fulfillment, and unconditional love that emanates from having a child of your own is unparalleled.

However, even with the rise of surrogacy for homosexual contenders, there’s a significant area of research that needs to be tapped into and that is the study of the entire surrogacy experience from the lens of a non-traditional, gay couple as opposed to that of a more conventional nuclear family’s. In fact, some research suggests that gay couples are perceived to be moderately more optimistic about the whole journey, having never experienced infertility themselves.

Gay Couples welcome the surrogate experience

Findings show that the overwhelming urge to breed and nurture is as powerful for same-sex couples as it is for heterosexual parent hopefuls. And rightfully so, if two consenting homosexual adults make the decision to bear a child together, albeit through assistive reproductive procedures, there is no reason they would perceive the surrogacy journey any differently than heterosexual intended parents.

At Patriot Conceptions, we find the utmost joy in matching parenthood candidates with gestational surrogates and helping couples build their first families together. It is a rewarding experience for all of us here but the lion’s share belongs to the surrogate mother who nurtures and nourishes the little one inside her body for 9 long months to give the gift of family to individuals who otherwise have little or no shot at having a biological child of their own.

If you’re a same-sex couple entangled in a surrogacy debate, look no further for we have a pool of some of the most compassionate, loving, ethically, and morally grounded gestational surrogate candidates.

Feel free to access a rich library of resources on our website to answer any concerns or questions you might have before signing up. We look forward to having you join us in this thoroughly rewarding journey of building families.


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