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Becoming a Surrogate: Meeting the Eligibility Requirements

Choosing to become a surrogate and give someone the gift of parenthood is a special and highly rewarding decision. To help ensure a positive and successful experience for both the surrogate mother and intended parents, surrogacy agencies establish a set of eligibility requirements that potential surrogates must meet. This article aims to entertain and educate prospective surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents about the essential eligibility requirements and considerations involved in the surrogacy process.

As you read this article, we encourage prospective surrogates to carefully assess their compatibility with the eligibility criteria and requirements for becoming a surrogate. Understanding and meeting these requirements is essential for both the surrogate mother and the intended parents to embark on a successful and nurturing surrogacy journey with confidence.

Ready to see if you're eligible to become a surrogate mother and explore the life-changing journey ahead? Delve into our comprehensive guide on eligibility requirements and make an informed decision about whether surrogacy is the right path for you with Patriot Conceptions.

Physical Health Requirements for Surrogate Mothers

Before one can embark on the remarkable surrogacy journey, it's essential to ensure that they meet the required physical health standards. Various factors come into play when assessing one's physical eligibility, which are outlined below:

1. Age: As age significantly impacts a woman's fertility and ability to carry a pregnancy, most surrogacy agencies require surrogate mothers to be between the ages of 21 and 38. This age range ensures a healthy environment for the baby to grow and reduces potential pregnancy complications.

2. Prior Pregnancy History: A successful prior pregnancy indicates that a potential surrogate mother is likely to carry a surrogate pregnancy to term successfully. It's typically required that surrogates have at least one child of their own with a history of uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries.

3. Overall Health Status: General physical wellness is crucial for a successful surrogacy journey, which includes having a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and being a non-smoker. Furthermore, an absence of chronic medical conditions and a stable, low-risk medical history help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Emotional Considerations for Potential Surrogate Mothers

Emotional requirements play an equally significant role in determining whether someone is a suitable candidate for surrogacy. The factors highlighted below contribute to a candidate's emotional preparedness and overall compatibility with the complexities of surrogacy:

1. Mental Health: Prospective surrogates should be mentally and emotionally stable, free from any psychiatric conditions or severe psychological distress. Some agencies may require psychological evaluations to confirm the candidate's readiness and adaptability.

2. Support Network: A strong support system, including family and friends, can be invaluable throughout surrogacy. The emotional highs and lows of this journey require a surrogate to have a trusted, understanding network to lean on for guidance, encouragement, and comfort.

3. Emotional Readiness: Surrogates must be emotionally prepared to cope with the multifaceted nature of surrogacy, including attachment to the child, the bond with the intended parents, and navigating the various physical and emotional challenges associated with the process.

Lifestyle Requirements for Surrogate Mothers

The lifestyle of a potential surrogate mother must also align well with the expectations and responsibilities of the surrogacy journey. Key aspects to consider in this domain include:

1. Stable and Supportive Environment: Surrogate mothers must provide a secure and stable living environment throughout the duration of the surrogacy journey. This includes having a balanced family life and a safe home setting, which promotes a healthy pregnancy and mental well-being.

2. Financial Stability: Surrogates should not rely on the financial compensation provided by the surrogacy process as their primary source of income. Financial stability ensures that the surrogate can focus on the well-being of themselves and the baby without the added stress of financial concerns.

3. Availability and Flexibility: Throughout the surrogacy process, surrogate mothers are required to make time for appointments, tests, and other essential tasks. Potential surrogates must have the availability and flexibility to accommodate these commitments, ensuring a smoother and more efficient journey for all parties involved.

Understanding the Screening Process for Surrogate Candidates

Comprehensive screening processes are in place to help surrogacy agencies identify the best possible surrogate candidates. These screenings involve a combination of medical, psychological, and background assessments to ensure the surrogate meets the criteria discussed in the previous sections.

1. Medical Assessments: These evaluations, performed by fertility specialists, assess the potential surrogate's overall health, fertility status, and any underlying medical conditions that may impact the surrogacy process.

2. Psychological Evaluations: These assessments aim to evaluate the emotional and mental readiness of a potential surrogate, as well as check for any underlying psychiatric concerns.

3. Background Checks: To protect all parties involved, surrogacy agencies often conduct thorough background checks on potential surrogate candidates, ensuring they have no history of criminal behavior or violence.


By understanding and meeting the essential eligibility requirements for becoming a surrogate mother, prospective surrogates can embark on this extraordinary journey with confidence. Surrogacy agencies, like Patriot Conceptions, work diligently to ensure that only the most suitable and prepared candidates are chosen to participate in this life-changing process. By adhering to the outlined criteria, surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents can cultivate a successful and nurturing surrogacy journey for all parties involved.

If you're considering surrogacy and want to know whether you meet the requirements, let Patriot Conceptions guide you through the eligibility evaluation process. Discover the potential of your surrogacy journey as you explore the dedicated resources and support that we offer to prospective surrogate mothers, ensuring a successful and fulfilling experience.


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