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How To Prepare for Your Match Zoom Meeting With Your Surrogate or Intended Parent?

Whether you're an intended parent or considering being a surrogate, that first virtual introduction is more than just a conversation; it’s the start of a unique and profound journey together. Preparation is the key to ensuring that this initial interaction is both productive and comforting for both parties involved. Below is a guide to help make this meeting seamless and memorable:

1. Dive into Research:

  • For Intended Parents: Revisit the surrogate's profile. Being knowledgeable about her motivations and background can create a deeper, more meaningful dialogue.

  • For Surrogates: Learn the story of the intended parents. Their reasons and journey will give you a glimpse into the significant part you're about to play in their lives.

2. Setting the Stage:

Ensure that your virtual background is quiet, well-lit, and devoid of distractions. This small step can have a massive impact on the quality of your conversation.

3. Tech Check:

From your microphone to your internet connection, a quick tech run-through can prevent interruptions and maintain the flow of the dialogue.

4. Dress to Impress:

A neat, professional attire sets the right tone, portraying respect and seriousness about the journey ahead.

5. Questions at the Ready:

Prepare some talking points, but be ready to go where the conversation takes you. Organic discussions often yield the most insights.

6. Authenticity is the Key:

Open up about your feelings, expectations, and aspirations. Trust is a cornerstone in the surrogacy journey.

7. Mind the Boundaries:

Remember, everyone has their comfort zones. Treading with care and respect can build a stronger relationship.

8. Notes to Remember:

A few jotted points can be handy in the future, ensuring you don’t overlook any crucial details.

9. Part on a High:

End your discussion with positivity, reflecting on the exciting journey you're both embarking on.

10. Reflect and Seek Counsel:

Post-meeting, it's good to pause and reflect. Discussing your thoughts with a counselor or at Patriot Conceptions can offer invaluable insights.

For Surrogates: Introducing Yourself:

  • A Quick Overview: Basic details like your name, state, age, family, and relationship status set the scene.

  • Your Why: Sharing your surrogacy motivation can be deeply moving and illuminating.

  • Supporting Cast: Detail out those who’ll be your rock throughout this journey.

  • Balancing Act: Brief on your job and how you ensure it doesn’t interfere with the surrogacy process.

  • Preparation: Discuss the proactive steps you're taking for a healthy pregnancy.

Seeking Insights from the Intended Parents:

Their journey is as significant as yours. Some suggested questions are:

  • "Which IVF clinic are you associated with?"

  • "How many embryos are you considering for transfer?"

  • "Where are you currently located?"

  • "Will you be present at the birth?"

  • "What are your preferred communication modes and frequencies?"

Common Queries for Surrogates:

Here are some potential questions you might encounter and how you could respond:

  • Managing Stress: "I rely on meditation, light exercise, and a supportive community."

  • Family's View on Surrogacy: "My family understands and fully backs my decision."

  • Dietary Habits: "I focus on a balanced diet, and adhere to my doctor’s recommendations."


The introductory Zoom call is not just a meeting but the foundation stone of a potentially lifelong bond. With preparation and sincerity, it can pave the way for a successful surrogacy journey. At Patriot Conceptions, we pledge our unwavering support at every step.


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