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Why Kate chose to be a surrogate - Surrogate Stories

Disclaimer: Please note that the real name of our surrogate and the surrogate baby have been changed to maintain their privacy.


This was Kate's first time being a surrogate so naturally she was nervous, anxious, uncertain and everything in between. Fortunately she had tons of support form her family which made her journey that much easier.

We sat down with Kate to talk all about her experience carrying Baby Jonathan and if she'd do it all over again?

Q. So Kate, is was this your first time carrying a surrogate baby?

Ans: Yes this was my first time being a surrogate.

Q. How was your experience carrying the baby for 9 months?

Ans: My experience was overall great! It was definitely different from my other kids, my own children, but still it was overall a wonderful experience, one that I would cherish for a lifetime.

Q. What motivated you to pursue surrogacy?

Ans: I as a mom could never imagine being told that I couldn't carry my own child. So I really wanted to help someone out build their family.

Q. What was your family's reaction when they found out about your decision?

Ans: Well I would be lying if I say they were not shocked to find out about it. However, I received tremendous support from them throughout, without which I don't think I would have been able to go through this journey.

Q. And what about your husband? Was he onboard right away or did it take him some time make peace with it?

Ans: My husband has been my rock all along. He was onboard from the very beginning because we had talked about and discussed it extensively. It's a life-changing decision and given that this was our first time, it was no easy task. I think it's extremely important to have your partner provide unconditional support to you during this process. At the end of the day, it's your body that bears the physical toll of it all. Having love and support to count on can't alleviate the pain but can definitely make the journey a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

Q. And now, the million dollar question, would you want to be a surrogate again?

Ans: *Laughs* I think I would definitely have to think about that one. But in all honesty, I think that's something I really see myself doing again. The feeling of completion, contentment and absolute joy you feel knowing you helped create someone's family, someone who probably would not have been able to do it on their own, I think it's unparalleled. And as I think about it, I believe I absolutely do have the strength and courage to do it all over.


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