Surrogacy Process


The surrogacy journey consists of many steps and can take about a year, and the timeline could be different for everyone. But no matter what your situation is, Patriot Conceptions will always be there at every step you take to make sure you have a smooth and successful journey



  • Consultation

  • Planing your journey with PC

  • Signing the contract

Surrogacy can be a life changing Event. You should take your time and ensure that you are comfortable with the agency you choose. ​ Feel free to contact us directly and we'll setup a consultation meeting to discuss about what we have to offer and what you need. We will provide you with a clear and concise contract which states our obligations and our guarantees.

Prepare for your journey

  • Choose an IVF clinic

  • Find an egg/sperm donor (if needed)

  • IVF process

  • Match with a surrogate

  • Match interview

The IVF clinic that you choose will be responsible to all your IVF procedures, which is why we're here to help you choose an IVF clinic that best suit your surrogacy plan. At the same time, we will let you choose from a list of our surrogate mothers that are willing to share the journey with you. After matching, a Match Interview will be scheduled to let you and your surrogate have a first meeting and discuss details of the process.

Medical and legal clearance

  • Medical and psychological screening

  • Insurance & contracts

  • Embryo transfer and pregnancy test

To ensure the safety of both your future baby and the surrogate, the surrogate will be evaluated in Medical and Psychological Screening. An Insurance specialist will be there to review the surrogates insurance situation to make sure you don't have any unexpexted costs. You and the surrogate will also have different legal advisors to formalize the legal part of the process, including compensation, insurance, opinion and invasive procedures etc. Once all the paperwork is complete, the doctor will put the surrogate on fertility medication to attempt to ensure a successful pregnancy with the first embryo transfer. The pregnancy test will take place 10 to 15 days after embryo transfer. You will also be able to hear your baby's heartbeat!

pregnancy and delivery

  • Parental court order

  • Delivery

  • Child registration

  • Homecoming

Before delivery, the parents will establish their parental rights. You will be legally recognized as the parents before the baby is even born. When the delivery date approaches, we will begin ironing out all the details to make sure that both your baby and the surrogate are 100 percent protected and the delivery takes place in a safe and desirable manner. The baby will arrive before you know it! After delivery, we will work with your atturney to make sure the baby is registered. We will also coordinate with your local attorney to assist you in registering your baby at your country’s embassy if you are not a U.S. citizen. When all the compensation are provided and all reimbursements are completed, we will do an audit for all the financials of the process so you can finish the financial part of your journey.

Finishing up

  • Bills and compensation review

  • Beyond surrogacy

Once the surrogate’s post-delivery bed rest is over, and all the compensation are provided and all reimbursements are completed, we will do an audit for all the financials of the process so you can finish the financial part of your journey. Even after all is settled, we will still be there for you for as long as you wish. We will do follow-ups with you from time to time if you’re comfortable with it. You may also wish to continue participation in our growing support community. We are truely grateful for shareing this journey with you and we are happy to help you whenever you need and in every way we can!

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